Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love Found, Love Lost

Jokers Wild dropped this personal comp off a long while back just to share with me and after listening to these sweet soulful tracks I can only take him up on his offer as to if I wanted to post it or not, how can I refuse? Please leave your comments so you can also get your taste of Love Found, Love Lost, Let Jokers Wild know how much you enjoy his comps, Gracias !

1. Agony & Ecstacy - Smokey Robinson
2. Really Really Love You - Ronnie Walker
3. I Feel So Good Inside - The 4 Techniques
4. Why Should We Stop Now - The Natural Four
5. Slow Change Up - Sweet Breeze
6. A Change In You- The Edetts
7. But Then You Left Me - Shades Of Sensation
8. Left With A Broken Heart - The Four Tops
9. I'm So Sad (Short Version) - Benitez & Nebula
10. You Hurt Me - Darnell Pittman
11. I've Cried - The Jhamels
12. Begging You - Ronnie Whitehead
13. I Don't Want To Beg - Shirley Butler
14. Please, Think It Over - The Dynamics
15. It's Been Proven (That I Love You) - James Hollis
16. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind) - The Delfonics
17. Why'd You Put Me On - Bobby Row & The Englishmen
18. After All I Been Through - Lorraine Rudolph
19. It's Not That Easy - Ruben Bell & The Casanovas
20. Remember Me - Jimmy Lomax 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clumsy's Oldies Vol. 1

All right everybody... got a brand new series for ya from our homie out of sunny C.A........the rare soul collector.....CLUMSY. As of right now we have scheduled at least 7 volumes of Clumsy's Oldies. The unofficial schedule right now says we'll post up a new volume weekly.....which could be subject to change. These volumes are jam packed full of smooth underworld rolas .....our specialty here at SOUTH SIDE SOULDIEZ. So check out the link and if U dig what you hear drop a little luv in the comment section. If we can get some positive feedback we may be able to get CLUMSY to commit to more than 7 albums.

In addition check out the homie's dope oldies site at

01 The Synclairs - Suddenly
02 The Diabolics - I bet You never knew
03 The Dream team - There he is
04 Soft touch - Look up , look down
05 The Lovations - La la la ( I keep singing)
06 Jack and The Mods - Don't wake me up
07 The Dynamic Tints - Be my lady
08 Evans Road Ltd - Can I
09 The Decisions - Color me blue
10 The Satagans - Lovers to friends
11 The Inclinations - The harder we try
12 Denise - I don't wanna cry
13 The Webs - Keep your love strong
14 Bob & Gene - I can be cool
15 Brief Encounter - Just a little notion
16 Cynthia & The Imaginations - Hey boy ( I love you )
17 The Hi C's - That's how it is
18 Inner Soul - Put the hurt on you
19 Jimmy Bo Horne - I can't speak
20 Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents - Treat you right
21 Rock Candy - I don't think I'll ever love another
22 The Gifts - Lovin' you
23 The Whatnauts - What's left to give

Post by G MAN
Tracks courtesy of CLUMSY
Link courtesy of CLUMSY
Album cover courtesy of G MAN

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 11 - Chicago Sugar

The Veteranos are on the road again. The pensioners' bus has headed north to Chi-Town for some cruising round the Chicago soul scene. As ever, there are some classic favorites, but you may well find some harder-to-find tunes as we leave the main roads and tour the back streets. Give us the green light if you like what we came up with. Those are The Vibrations on the cover. Talking of vibrations, maybe this ramshackle old jalopy will hold itself together for some further mileage!
RossyBoy for the Veteranos

Track list:
01 - The Majors - Lost In A City  (Mello)
Big Three, 1965
02 - Ledgends - I've Gotta Let You Go (BillyMac)
Red Balloon, 1969
03 - Otis Leavill - To Be Or Not To Be (East LA Guy)
Blue Rock, 1965
04 - Corey (Cicero) Blake - How Can I Go On Without You (RossyBoy)
Capitol, 1975
05 - The Vibrations - Forgive and Forget (Mello)
Okeh, 1966
06 - Anna Raye- Will You Be There (BillyMac)
Quality Sound, 19??
07 - Billy Butler & The Chanters - I'm Just A Man (East LA Guy)
Okeh, 1964
08 - The Impressions - Aware Of Love (RossyBoy)
"The Fabulous Impressions" album, ABC, 1967
09 - The Capers - Miss You, My Dear  (Mello)
Vee-Jay, 1958
10 - Annette Poindexter & The Pieces of Peace Orchestra - Wayward Dream (BillyMac)
Twinight, 1970
11 - Dukays - Festival Of Love (East LA Guy)
Nat, 1961
12 - Holly Maxwell - It's Impossible (RossyBoy)
Constellation, 1964
13 - The Dells - Wasted Tears  (Mello)
Mercury, 1977
14 - Majestic Arrows - I'll Never Cry For Another Boy (BillyMac)
Bandit, 1973
15 - Jerry Butler - Giving Up On Love (East LA Guy)
Vee Jay, 1964
16 - Renaldo Domino - You Don't Love Me No More (RossyBoy)
Smash, 1968
17 - Windy City - Let Me Ride  (Mello)
Chi-Sounds, 1977
18 - Johnny Davis - You've Got To Crawl To Me (BillyMac)
Bandit, 1972
19 - McKinley Mitchell - The Town I Live In (East LA Guy)
One-Derful, 1962
20 - Jo Ann Garrett - That Little Brown Letter (RossyBoy)
Duo, 1968
21 - Radiants - It Ain't No Big Thing  (Mello)
Chess, 1965
22 - Elvin Spencer - Lift This Hurt (BillyMac)
Twinight, 1971
23 - Artistics - I'm Gonna Miss You (East LA Guy)
Brunswick, 1966
24 - Sugar Pie DeSanto - Soulful Dress (RossyBoy)
Chess, 1964

Download here: But please leave your comments!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Borrowed Time Soul Classics Vol. 2

Mello returns with Volume Two of Borrowed Time Soul Classics. I wanna thank everyone for your responses on my volume one compilation. Unfortunately I had run into some computer issues after responding to over 100 & was not able to respond to some. I thank G-Man for seeing to it that your requests had been fulfilled by eventually posting the password. Once again his artistic skills are evident in the volume two cover, thanks man! Here we have some tracks that are seldom played on the radio or that have been completely overlooked. I sincerely hope you enjoy what may be new to you or enjoy a loved track or two that you haven't heard in some time. I somehow feel confident that I'll always have a surprise in store but let me know if I'm hitting on the right notes?  I'm not asking for much considering it takes longer to download than it does to say thanks......please leave a thank you message. So with that being said, there is definitely no shame in my game.  Mello

01. Float On (Long Version) - The Floaters
02. Girl Of My Dreams - The Manhattans
03. Playing Hard To Get (Soul Jam Mix) - Freddie McGregor
04. Let's Fall In Love - The Isley Brothers
05. Wanna Make Love To You - Lillo Thomas
06. Just You & Me - The Notations
07. Special Kind Of Fool - Basic Black
08. I Do, I Do (Wanna Make Love To You) - Leroy Hutson
09. Do Me Baby - Melisa Morgan
10. You Sure Love To Ball - Marvin Gaye
11. Your Love Is So Doggone Good - The Whispers
12. Love's Gonna Last - Jeffree
13. That's Groovy - Kim Weston
14. I Want To Pay You Back (For Loving Me) - The Chi-Lites
15. Happy Girl - Barbara Mason
16. Mine All Mine - The Stylistics
17. Write You A Love Song - David Oliver
18. La La La At The End - Little Anthony & The Imperials

                       Tracks provided by Mello
                       Link/Password provided by Mello
                       Cover provided by G MAN
                       Post Provided by DustyRose

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