Thursday, October 30, 2014


Here's our EastLAGuy with our Familia's October drop!

Just in time for your Halloween costume party or entertaining the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood comes the latest edition of the FAMILIA SOULDIEZ SERIES

A million thanks to RossyBoy for coming up with this cover. It looks like these soulful singers are singing through a magic wand of their own.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to those of you who contributed.  A flavor of the tunes you picked made this a special labour of love for me. Lots of early candy here.



Track List:

01. Renee Acker -If I Had A Magic Wand (Edgewood Studio, 2012) (EastLAGuy)
02. 7th Wonder - Words Don't Say Enough (Casablanca, 1978) (DustyRose)
03. Robert Winters & Fall - Magic Man (Buddah, 1980) (Mello)
04. Johnnie Taylor - Nothing As Beautiful As You (Malaco, 2005) (RossyBoy)
05. Carol Hughes - Let's Get Together Again (Corby, 1966) (BillyMac)
06. Arnold Mitchell - You Can Make It If You Try (Newtown, 1965) (MzO).
07. The Preytells - The Magician (De Broussard, 1971) (Chi-Town)
08. The Majestic Arrows - The Magic Of Your Love (Bandit, 1973 (UpInSmoke)
09. The Magic Tones - There's Nothing Better Than Love (Mah's, 1968) (Mello)
10. Willis Johnson & The JM'S Funk Factory - Tell Me, Saluda, 1972) (EastLAGuy)
11. Bloodstone - For The First Time (Rhino, 1975) (DustyRose)
12. Ella Fitzgerald - Ooh Baby Baby (Star Collection, 1973) (RossyBoy)
13. Bill Baker & The Chestnuts - Won't You Tell Me My Heart (Elgin, circa 1960) (BillyMac)
14. The Cincinnatians - The Magic Genie (Roosevelt Lee, 1962) (Chi-Town)
15. Jimmy Wayne - The Magic Of Her Love (Excalibur, 1963) (UpInSmoke)
16. Alexander Patton - Make The Best Of What You Got (Duo Disc, 1965) (MzO)
17. Debbie Taylor - Cheaper In The Long Run (Polydor, 1973) (RossyBoy)
18. Gary Hariston - Stay (Alive, 1982) (EastLAGuy)
19. A Debbie & The Informers - Here In My Heart (J Rude, 1965) (BillyMac)
20. The Casual Crescendos - Wish That You Were Here (MRC, 1963) (DustyRose)
21. Beulah Palmer & 3rd Avenue - Cried Daddy Daddy (Bem Sole, early 1970's) (MzO)
22. Perry & Sanlin - Just Like Magic (Capital LP, 1981) (Chi-Town)
23. Brenda & The Tabulations - Magic Of Your Love (Epic, 1973) )Mello)
24. Belita Woods - My Magic Corner (Moira, 1969) (UpInSmoke)

Note: RossyBoy changed the cover for the updated version. People, note this one is not in Guy's package below. If you want it go to and download it separately. Thanks!

Link Courtesy of EAST LA GUY
Albums Covers Courtesy of EAST LA GUY & ROSSYBOY

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red Hot Souldies - 05 - Chapter Five - Welcome To My Ranfla


Here's RossyBoy 

with Vol. 5 

of our RedHot Souldies, 


It's time to go cruisin' again ! A little bit sooner than you  might have expected, but, then again, we like to keep surprising y'all ! Sister's in the driving seat and leading off with a killer cover version. The blood brothers try their very best to keep down to speed with super-slowies and rare doo-wops. Then the pace gets bumped up a bit towards the end. We're hoping you like this enough to give it the thumbs-up ! If it gives you the right kind of feeling, and you let us know, we may squeeze in another Chapter before the end of the year. These special selections take quite a bit of preparation; you'll find label scans in the package too. Alrato, carnals and carnalitas - rev up and get those speakers blastin' !!!

01 - King David & The Slaves - Does Your Mama Know About Me (DustyRose)
"Rare Southern Soul Vol 13 - 15 Beach Music Gems" CD (previously unreleased), Ripete, 2009

02 - Members Of The Staff - Stop The Bells (EastLAGuy)
EveJim, 1973

03 - Cammy Carol & The Halos - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (BillyMac)
Elmor, 1961

04 - The Jades - There's Nothing I Can Do (RossyBoy)
"The Best Of Scram Records" CD (previously unreleased), Night Train, 2006

05 - The Heartbreakers - How Do You Say Goodbye (Mello)
Derby-City, 1968

06 - Donnie Elbert - That's If You Love Me (DustyRose)
All Platinum, 1972

07 - Ann Robinson - Little Miss Lonely (EastLAGuy)
Virtue, 1969

08 - Argie & The Arkettes - Hey Baby (BillyMac)
Ronnie, 1966

09 - The Black And White Affair - Until The Real Thing Comes Along (RossyBoy)
Topaz, 1967?

10 - The Masqueraders - (Call Me) The Traveling Man (Mello)
HBS-ABC, 1975

11 - Norfolk - You Passed My Love (DustyRose)
Barbara Jean, 198?

12 - Chuck Bernard - Love Can Slip Away (EastLAGuy)
Zodiac, 1969

13 - Dotty Clark - It's Been A Long Long Time (BillyMac)
Big Top/London, 1961

14 - George Tinley - Close Your Eyes (RossyBoy)
Herald, 1961

15 - The Symphonics - All Roads Lead To Heartbreak (Mello)
Dee-Jon, 1964

16 - The Fabulous Waller Family - How Long Will I Be A Fool (DustyRose)
"Love Moods" album, Dynamic Artists, 1980 

17 - Gene Washington & The Ironsides - Got To Get Through To You (EastLAGuy)
Colemine, 2014

18 - Colleen Kaye & The Secrets - The One I Love (BillyMac)
Big Top, 1963

19 - Johnny Washington - Oh Girl (RossyBoy)
De-Lite, 1971

20 - Soft Tones - Any Street (Mello)
Thereway/Avco, 1973

21 - The Wemarettes - Take Another Look At Me (DustyRose)
"Northern Soul Girls Rock!" CD (previously unreleased), Master Classics, 2011

22 - Jacqueline Jones - A Frown On My Face (EastLAGuy)
Loadstone, 1974

23 - The Vareeations - Foolish One (BillyMac)
Dionne, 1968

24 - Gloria Walker - Papa's Got the Wagon (RossyBoy)
Federal/People, 1971 

25 - Faze-O - Riding High (Mello)
She, 1977

Post Courtesy Of DustyRose
Album Cover Courtesy Of  RossyBoy
Link Courtesy Of RossyBoy
Tracks Courtesy Of....BillyMac, DustyRose, RossyBoy, EastLAGuy & Mello

Monday, October 6, 2014


Here's A Killer compilation compiled by G-MAN & Myself. Gots some real nice Rolas for you all to enjoy, Just let us know how you liked it.  Thanks G-Man for inviting me to ride along on this cruise!

20 Smooth Soul Oldies:  Enjoy!!

01. Feris Fitzgerald - I've Got To Find My Baby (G-MAN)
02. Four Gents - I've Been Trying (DustyRose)
03. Delfonics - Over And Over (G-MAN)
04. United Four - Go On (DustyRose)
05. Aesops & Fables - Take A Step (G-MAN)
06. Bill Robinson & Quails - Lay My Head On Your Shoulder (DustyRose)
07. Jimmy Bailey - Everytime (G-MAN)
08. Smoked Sugar - My Eyes Search A Lonely Room For You (DustyRose)
09. Ruby Andrews - Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) (G-MAN)
10. Yvonne Gomez - Ease The Pain (DustyRose)
11. Uptights Band - Mirrors Don't Lie (G-MAN)
12. The Jades - I've Got Love For My Baby (DustyRose)
13. Joe Bataan - If I Were A King (G-MAN)
14. Anacostia (As The Presidents) - On And Off (Part 1) (DustyRose)
15. Linda Jones - I'm So Glad I Found You (G-MAN)
16. Empires - Love You So Bad (DustyRose)
17. Seven Sounds Unlimited - Sweet Harmony (G-MAN)
18. Shadows - My Love Has Gone (DustyRose)
19. Black Ivory - Spinning Around (G-MAN)
20. Little Ben & The Cheers - Never More (DustyRose)

Tracks Courtesy of G-MAN & DUSTYROSE
Link Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Album Cover Courtesy of G-MAN