Saturday, February 22, 2014

RossyBoy's Begged, Borrowed & Stolen

Here we go again ! There have been a few good examples of songs using Stevie Wonder's fabulous riff from "Hey Love". I was listening to Roc Marciano's modern X-rated rap recently and, while that kind of tune wouldn't make the cut for this kind of comp, it did remind me of the classic De La Soul version from 1991. I've also included an old favorite of mine from the Anglos; this particular mp3 is a bit better than my own scratchy rip from vinyl which  is almost completely played out now since it was purchased in the mid-Sixties. Enjoy ! RossyBoy

Track list:
01 - The Soul Notes - Don't Make Me Beg
02 - Teena Marie - Hey Boy
03 - Phyllis Dillon & Friend - Tell Me You Love Me (All The Time)
04 - Pretty Boy Lamar - I Am In Love
05 - Little Buster - You Were Meant for Me
06 - The Soul Survivors - Lover To Me
07 - Oscar Weathers - When You Steal
08 - The First Generation - Give Him Up
09 - Gloria Dennis - How Can I Be Sure (That It's Love)
10 - Othello Robertson - Come On Home
11 - Ruben Studdard - I Can't Make You Love Me
12 - Sam Taylor Jr - Hey Girl
13 - Yvonne Harrison - Take My Hand
14 - Jesse James - I Know I'll Never Find Another One
15 - Roy Roberts - Got To Have Your Love
16 - Dynamic Five - Baby Baby I Love You
17 - Jimmy Braswell - One More Chance
18 - De La Soul - Talkin' Bout Hey Love
19 - The Entertainers - Beg Me
20 - Three Shades Of Soul - Being In Love
21 - Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters - Gimme A Little Sign
22 - Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Wear It On Our Face
23 - The Anglos - Incense
24 - Jade - Evil Ways

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Friday, February 14, 2014

DustyRose's From The Heart Vol. 3 2014

Ahhh Love is in the air once again......Here is for all the lover's out there in the world!  Cuddle up, slow dance or just lay back and enjoy a quiet evening listening to music with the one you love or the one your with... :)

Big props to my cover boy RossyBoy!

NO password needed this time around, feeling generous today with updated links for Vol. 1 & 2 in case you missed them!
My Valentine gift to everyone, so wishing you all a Sweet Valentine's Day!  

                                        Enjoy ())>--- Rose


01. Billy Stewart - My Funny Valentine
02. Ralph & TheTelecasters - Something Deep Inside
03. Watch Tower - Forever, Together (Reprise)
04. The Sounds - You Could Never Be Mine
05. Magnetic Touch - Together
06. Freddie & Lou - You'll Be Mine Tonight
07. The Accents - I Give My Heart To You
08. The High Seas - We Go Together
09. The Black Keys -  Never Gonna Give You Up
10. The Whatnauts - We Will Always Be Together
11. Clickettes - Tonight And Forever
12. Tommy Brown - Well There Goes My Heart
13. The Main Events - My Heart Remembers
14. Eddie Floyd - Watcha Gonna Do With My Heart
15. Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee Eager - If This World Were Mine
16. Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Love You So Much
17. The Shirelles - There Goes My Heart
18. Robert Upchurch - Glad Your Mine
19. Bloodstone - Closer Together
20. Stevie Wonder - Forever
21. Little Isidore & The Inquisitors - In Paradise
22. The Jackson 5 - La La (Means I Love You)
23. The Determinations - But Not For Me
24. The Tri-Dells - Baby I Love You So
25.The Detroit Spinners - Cupid (I've Loved You For A Long Time)
Happy Valentine's Day!

DustyRose's From The Heart Vol. 3 2014

New links for Vol 1 & 2 are under "labels" on the right side under DustyRose's From The Heart 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DustyRose's Prisoner Of Love Vol. 3

Been a long minute since I posted my Vol 2 of this series
But here is Vol. 3 for your listening pleasure, I hope you like my selections and the 411 that I always try to include which makes the process take a little longer but the end result is here so please leave your E-MAIL so I can send you over the password but I would love for you all to come on back & let me know how you liked it!                    Thanks @>--;-- Rose

Big Thanks to RossyBoy for fixin up my cover!

Here some 411 on some of these tracks, Enjoy the read (or not) & as always corrections are welcomed!

01. Spankys Gang - Prisoner Of Love
Spanky and Dino (Father & Son) have worked together since 1991. They can professionally host any function with their live music performance and their DJ library with thousands of songs from yesterday today and tomorrow.  They have appeared with most of my favorite performers including: Larry Chance & the Earls,Jimmy Beaumont & The Skyliners,Pookie Hudson & The Spaniels, Willie Winfield & The Harptones,The Duprees and many more!
02. Dynamite Singletary - I Really Love You
Dynamite #6807  Thanks to DJ Barry "Soulbrother" Fowden for this fantastic track!
03. The Melodies - I Never Thought That I Would Lose Her
No Info,Thanks to Scott (SFM-Jazzman) for this and many tracks!
04. The Delegates Of Soul - Don't Take Your Love From Me
1970  -  Uplook Records
05. The Spirals - Forever And A Day
1961  -  Smash
06. The Jobettes - What You Gonna Do
1965  -  Kevin Records #2268
A mid '60s solid soul female group with a great lead vocal, The Jobettes recorded this one single on Kevin Records
07. Sugar Bear And The Sensations - What About Me Girl
1967 - Executive
08. The Richmond International - Maybe If I Leave You
1973  - Red Coach Records, This song was written by Barbara Mason
09. The Originals - Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
1974  -  Soul
10. Smoked Sugar - Keeping Up My Front
1975  -  20th Century 
11. The Exceptions Ft. Mark Greene - It Must Be Love
2012 - Numero Group off The Eccentric Soul: A Red Black Green Production 
12. The Sophisticates - I Really Hope You Do
1967  -  Underground Sounds
13. The Windy City Orchestra - Good Guys Don't Always Win
1977 - Chi-Sound Soul
14. Rene & Ray - I Can’t Let You Go
Rene & Ray were Pablo "Rene" Valenzuela (of The Velveteens) and Ray "Spider Ray" Quiñones. This was the B-side of their "Too Late" single for Donna in 1962.
15. The Re-Vels - I Love You 
No Yr -Trentown Records
16. The Chi-Lites - Never No More
1965  -  Blue Rock
17. Mel Adams & The Cashmeres - If I Only Knew
1958  -  Emerge
18. The Voltaire's - My My My Baby
60's  ?- Bacone
19. The Delfonics - Don't Throw It All Away
1973  -  Arista
Among the first purveyors of the smooth, orchestral sound that would come to typify Philadelphia soul, the Delfonics established themselves as one of the quintessential soul groups of the late 60s and 70s and created some of the most notable songs of that era.
20. Tomorrow's Promise - Never Take Your Love Away
1974  -  Mercury
21. Boise Cover Band – I Love You More
2009 (Lee Williams & The Cymbals Cover)
Boise Cover Band was a studio project featuring Doug Martsch of Built to Spill, Ned Evett, Ian Waters, and John Mullin. UNORIGINAL ARTISTS
22. The Soul Survivors - Temptation Bout To Get Me
1970 - Atco 45
AKA The Dedications, from 1962 and 1964, originally from New York City, grew up listening to the R & B groups of the 1950’s. The sounds of groups like the Moonglows, Heartbeats, and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. While performing at clubs in the New York area, they found themselves at the mercy of various house bands and decided to find a group of musicians who would become permanent members of the group therefore creating a self contained unit.They adopted the name Soul Survivors in 1965 Shortly thereafter, they began to build a strong following, playing venues in Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Enjoying great success in Philadelphia, they attracted the attention of record producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. Into the recording studio they went, emerging with " Expressway To Your Heart " a song that would climb to #3 on Billboard's R&B chart and #4 on it's Top 100 list
23. The Moments - I Won't Do Anything
1970  -  Stang Labels Producers & Written-By– L. Roberts & Sylvia Robinson
Lead: Billy Brown, One of the most consistent R&B aggregations of the '70s, the Moments enjoyed a string of major hits throughout the decade. The Hackensack, NJ, trio introduced themselves and the Stang label with "Not on the Outside" in 1968, and topped the R&B charts in 1970 with the gold-plated "Love on a Two-Way Street,"  Members Harry Ray, Al Goodman, and William Brown changed their billing to Ray, Goodman & Brown in 1978 
24. Johnny Jack - Mad About You
Swan Label, Released: Nov 22, 2006 Rollercoaster Records
25. The Trells - Bad Weather
No Year - Port City 
This track here drove me crazy not knowing the title/artist, this was one of P-Ptylez Unknown track from AZTLAN DREAMZ VOL.01 series & this was over 3 years ago, finally I posted it on U-Tube, THANK YOU SoulVic77 for your help finding this track!! 

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- Borrowed Time Soul Classics, Vol. 4 -


Sunday, February 2, 2014

RossyBoy's Still Coming On Strong

I hope you find this comp uplifting - just like that big ol' hyena is about to be 
uplifted. This one maybe came a little bit quicker than you might have been expecting, 
but what else is there to do when it's cold and wet outdoors ? No more counting of 
the volumes or weekly deadlines; comps will just come when the mood dictates. I've 
been raiding the All-Sorts Drawer for this one. So, just like old times, there are a 
few (only a few!) covers and a few reggae tracks too. But then, I always believed 
reggae got soul ! There are a couple of really modern ones. What I love about retro 
soul is that you can hardly hear the join between today and yesteryear. There's 
blue-eyed soul; there's brown-eyed soul; there's probably even cross-eyed soul ! 
Track #4 is a modern U.K. version of a great song by Donny Hathaway.
The Len Barry penultimate track is the original of Dean Courtney's Northern Soul monster
(Len actually helped pen it); it only got an E.P. release in 2007. But hey, this is 2014, 
you've got to keep moving on ... and on ! I hope you enjoy this latest comp - it's 
really difficult when there is so little feedback. I'm always grateful to those who say 
thank you, but usually that's just out of politeness before they even hear the comp. 

In the end, it's probably the download numbers that are the only partial indicator of 

interest. To be  truthful, I only do this kind of thing for myself anyway. In twenty 
years time, if a nice tune gets remembered, in part because I loved it and shared it 
on a compilation, then my efforts will not have been in vain. Yours, in Soul,      

Track list:

01 - The Chi-Lites - First Impressions
02 - Margie Alexander - Blue Vibrations
03 - Rotary Connection - Didn't Want To Have To Do It
04 - Dina Carroll & Joe - You Were Meant For Me
05 - The Persuaders - All Strung Out On You
06 - The Stylistics - California Sun
07 - L Sidney Davis - Show My Love For You
08 - The Temptations - Hey Girl
09 - The Uniques - Do Me Good
10 - Blue Rivers & The Maroons - Turn Me And Twist Me
11 - Vesta Williams - Distant Lover
12 - The Mighty Sceptres - Siren Call
13 - Pholhas - The Beauty Of Your Soul
14 - Raw Soul - Stormy Weather
15 - Chuito & The Latin Uniques - Spanish Maiden
16 - Deniece Williams - That's How Heartaches Are Made
17 - Clinark - We're Almost There
18 - The DeVons - Groovin' With My Thing
19 - Robert Tillman - Come See About Me
20 - Derrick Morgan - It's Alright
21 - John Stanberry Jr. - I Can't Believe (She Took The Whole Thing)
22 - Alfreda Brockington - Waitin' For Your Touch
23 - Len Barry - I'll Always Need You
24 - Joy & The Sorrows - On And On

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