Friday, December 5, 2014

BillyMac & RossyBoy's Dos Hombres

It's a periodic pleasure to persuade my Philly friend BillyMac to part with some of  his vinyl collection. I've tried to come up with some matching gems for a new instalment of our occasional collaborations. There are label scans for most of the tracks in the package. Hope you enjoy this latest outing !  

Track list:

01 - The Appreciations - Gimme Back My Soul (RossyBoy)
Sport, 1968
02 - The Variations of Love - I'll Always Love You (BillyMac)
GoldPlate, 1975
03 - Sharon Copeland & The Monzas - Where Is Love (RossyBoy)
Pacific, 19??
04 - The Young Divines - I'll Show You With Love (BillyMac)
Cotillion/New London International, 1977
05 - The Pacettes - You Don't Know Baby (RossyBoy)
Regina, 1964.  Kendra Spotswood & Van McCoy. 
06 - The Pixies - Just A Little Tear (BillyMac)
Don-Dee, 1963
07 - Tanger Harris & The T.M.S. Band - This Lonely Dream (RossyBoy)
Showcase, 1982
08 - The Tears - Hurt (BillyMac)
Astronaut, 1961
09 - The Impressions - You've Come Home (RossyBoy)
ABC-Paramount, 1962
10 - The Intruders - Pray For Me (BillyMac)
Gamble, 1971
11 - Ed Townsend - I'm In Love (RossyBoy)
"Glad To Be Here" album, Capitol, 1959
12 - McKinley Mitchell - I'm So Glad (BillyMac)
One-derful!, 1962
13 - J.P. Rodgers - Won't You Give Me Your Love (RossyBoy)
Inculcation, 1982
14 - Al Green - One Woman (BillyMac)
Hi, 1972
15 - Butch Patrick - I've Lost My Woman (RossyBoy)
Eydie, 1969?
16 - The Magnificent Men - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (BillyMac)
Capitol, 1968
17 - Scotty Todd & The Magnificent Men - Cry With Me Baby (RossyBoy)
Philips, 1967
18 - Unit Plus - What's The Price Of Happiness (BillyMac)
Verve, 1969
19 - Sherry & The Inverts - I Was Made To Love You (RossyBoy)
Tower, 1968
20 - Will Of The People - Because You Broke My Heart (BillyMac)
Firebird, 1969
21 - Otis Jackson - Beggin' For A Broken Heart (RossyBoy)
Mega, 1974
22 - Claudine Clark - The Telephone Game (BillyMac)
Chancellor, 1962
23 - Blue Steam - Where Is She (RossyBoy)
Catamount, 1975
24 - The Temptations - I'm Doing It All (BillyMac)
Gordy (unreleased), 1966. Out-take from "With A Lot O' Soul" album.

Tracks Courtesy of BILLYMAC & ROSSYBOY
Album Cover Courtesy of ROSSYBOY

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Natural Seven Present Lady Luck

Found this 5 year old post of a crew compilation of some crew members who no longer come around and are missed!
I considered myself very lucky to be part of this comp with all my home boys ! Enjoy this one if you don't have it...

01 - Ronnie Walker - Guess I'll Never Understand (BillyMac)
02 - Cicero Blake - Be Good To Me (ScavenJah)
03 - The Informers - If You Love Me (Pobre' Rich)
04 - The Mighty Hannibal - Hymn No. 5 (RossyBoy)
05 - Train Robbers - Tricky Dick (DustyRose)
06 - Black Heat - Time Is Gonna Catch You (Soloe)
07 - The Ecstasies - Until The Real Thing Comes Along (BillyMac)
08 - Millie Foster - Bitterness (ScavenJah)
09 - Lee Fields - Got To Get Through To You (G Man)
10 - Jay W. King - I'm So Afraid (Pobre' Rich)
11 - Vic Marcel & The Four Bars - Come Back To These Arms (DustyRose)
12 - Black Soul Express - When I Left You (Soloe)
13 - The Intentions - I'll Search The World (BillyMac)
14 - Chuck Jackson - Don't Believe Him Donna (RossyBoy)
15 - The TnT Band - Some Very Bad Times (ScavenJah)
16 - The Mellow Fellows - My Baby Needs Me (Pobre' Rich)
17 - The Royal Jesters - You're Not There (DustyRose)
18 - Dyson's Faces - Try Me Baby (Soloe)
19 - The Natural Four - 12 Months Of The Year (G Man)
20 - The Intruders - I Bet He Don't Love You Like I Love You (BillyMac)
21 - The True Reflection - It Really Hurts (ScavenJah)
22 - The Precisions - Never Let Her Go (Pobre' Rich)
23  - MC Blvd. - Hey Baby Girl (DustyRose)
24 - Renaldo Domino - I'm A Good Man (Soloe)
25 - Johnny Flamingo - So Long (G Man)

Link Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Album Cover Courtesy of G MAN


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Familia Souldiez Vol. 22: I Bet You Never Knew

  The CREW put together 21 hot tracks for you to savor , And The G-Man puttin it down with a cover thats on fire ! So get ready to take a slo ride down memory lane cruizin to the FIRME sounds of the next chapter of Familia Souldiez ! Please drop a comment and let us know what you think , It's always welcome and much appreciated ! 
A special thanks to the CREW for taking time out of their busy schedule to make this happen!

...Track List...

01. I Didnt Know - The Invitations (DustyRose)
Silver Blue , 1974
02. Gloria Taylor - Dont Want to Be A Girl That Cries (RossyBoy)
Mercury ,1971
03. Fedrick Knight - I Betcha Didnt Know That (Mello)
Truth , 1974
04. Backyard Construction - Are You Lonely (BillyMac)
B.Y.C. , 1980
05. Pookie Hudson And The Spaniels I Know I Know (ChiTown)
Double L , 1963
06. Bloodstone - Dumb Dude (Up N Smoke)
London , 1973
07. The Manhattans - Its Gonna Take A Lot To Bring Me Back (BrownBoy)
DeLuxe , 1970
08. The Oubliettes - Angel Baby (DustyRose)
NY HED Studios , 2012
09. Willie Harper - I Dont Need You Anymore (RossyBoy)
Tou Sea , 1968
10. The Miracles - I Wanna Be With You (Mello)
Tamla , 1974 (Mello)
11. Linda Perry - Everyone Has Someone (BillyMac)
Mainstream , 1974 
12. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - If You Dont Know Me By Now (ChiTown)
Philadelphia International ,1972
13. The Delfonics - I Was There (Up N Smoke)
Cameo , 1967 
14. Bobby Moore & The Fourmost - It Was A Lie (BrownBoy)
Red Bird , 1966 
15. The Royal Jesters -  I Know I Know (DustyRose)
Clown , 1968 
16. Denise Chandler - Love Is Pretty (RossyBoy)
Lock , 1968 
17. Johnny & The Expressions - Something I Want To Tell You (Mello)
Josie , 1965 
18. Karen Small - Thats Why I Cry  (BillyMac)
Venus , 1966
19. The Vel-Vetts - You Never Really Know Till Its Over (ChiTown)
Dore ,774  19?? 
20. Innersouls - Thoughts (Up N Smoke)
Funk 45 , 1973 
21. Karen Brooks - My Mistake (BrownBoy)
Soul O Watts , 19??

  • Post by: DUSTYROSE
  • Intro: BROWNBOY
  • Link Courtesy of: BROWNBOY
  • Album Cover Courtesy of: G-MAN

Sunday, November 23, 2014

East LA Guy's Gangster Doo Wop Rolas

Here is a drop from 2011 that Guy treated us crew members to. Now he gave us the Privilege to share with you all on South Side Souldiez.  Let's leave him the comments he so deserves !

 Now here's Guy...............

This time around I put together some tracks with that "group sound". A little soul & a little vocal group harmony from the 1950's & 1960's. Hopefully you will all find some new tracks to add to your collections. ENJOY!!


Track List:

01. Elements - Lonely Hearts Club
02. Connie McGill & The Visions - My Love Will Never Change
03. Five Satins - Two Different Worlds
04. Creations - Plenty Of Love
05. Kenny Smith & Group - Deep In My Heart
06. Margo Sylvia & The Tuneweavers - I Remember Dear
07. Martinels - Baby Think It Over
08. Otis Williams & His Charms - I Got Loving
09. Poets - A Sure Thing
10. Preludes - A Place For You (In My Heart)
11. Roscoe Gordon & Group - Let 'Em Try
12. Latons - So In Love
13. Sandra & The Highlanders - Written In The Stars
14. Medallionaires - Magic Moonlight
15. Starlites - Missing You
16. Michael & The Continentals - Little School Girl
17. Marquis - You Lied
18. Pearline Caesar & Group - (Be Mine) Tonight
19. Wanda Burt & The Crescendos - Scheming
20. O.S. & The Downbeats - I Just Can't Understand
21. Earl & Jimmy & The Salesmen - We Have It Made
22. Patti Anne & The Flames - Sorrowful Heart
23. Elmore Morris & The Spinners - Paradise Hill
24. Fantastics - Where There's A Will (There's A Way)

Post Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
   Tracks Courtesy of EASTLAGUY
Link Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Album Cover Courtesy of EASTLAGUY

                                              Get Gangster DooWop Here                        

Thursday, November 6, 2014

DustyRose's Prisoner Of Love Vol. 4

Here is Vol. 4 of my Prisoner Of Love Series, I hope you enjoy this special set of Rola's as much as I enjoyed choosing them & I hope you hear some new tunes, let me know how I did ! :)

Thanks RossyBoy for fixin' up my cover as always!

01. Etta James - Prisoner Of Love (1962)
02. The Caesars - Get Yourself Together
 (Both Sides 1973) remake
03. The Radiations - That's The Way Our Love Is
04. Three Jades - Makes My World Go Around
05. The Mystics - I Wish You Were Here
Special thanks to Janet Negron (Rudy's wife) for this track
06. Dr K's Motown Revue - Ooh Baby Baby
07. The Exceptions Ft. Mark Greene - We’re In Love
08. Reggie Alexander - These Are The Questions
09. Harlem Meat Company - I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool 
(upbeat version)
10. First Class - Give Him Up
11.The Dynamic Three - I Have Tried
12. The Swiss Movement - Take Me Back Again
13. Richard Wright & Star-Vells - Give Your Love To Me
14. The Dynamics - You're The One (1973)
15. The Ethics - Every Night And Day
16. Chad - Please Give Your Love To Me
17. The Honeybees - Never In A Million Years
18. Bill Murphy plus One - Ain't No Big Thing
19. Maryann Farra & Satin Soul - Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl
20. Little Jr. Jesse - Cry Baby
21. Gloria & The Relations - Hook, Line And Sinker
22. Shirley & The Shirelles - Never Gonna Give You Up
23. Mellow Moods - Tell Love Hello
24. Jackson 5 - All I Do Is Think Of You
 25. Oral Caress - Family Man
(Thanks Jazzman Scott for this track)

Intro Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Post Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Tracks Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Link Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Album Cover Courtesy of ROSSYBOY

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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Here's our EastLAGuy with our Familia's October drop!

Just in time for your Halloween costume party or entertaining the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood comes the latest edition of the FAMILIA SOULDIEZ SERIES

A million thanks to RossyBoy for coming up with this cover. It looks like these soulful singers are singing through a magic wand of their own.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to those of you who contributed.  A flavor of the tunes you picked made this a special labour of love for me. Lots of early candy here.



Track List:

01. Renee Acker -If I Had A Magic Wand (Edgewood Studio, 2012) (EastLAGuy)
02. 7th Wonder - Words Don't Say Enough (Casablanca, 1978) (DustyRose)
03. Robert Winters & Fall - Magic Man (Buddah, 1980) (Mello)
04. Johnnie Taylor - Nothing As Beautiful As You (Malaco, 2005) (RossyBoy)
05. Carol Hughes - Let's Get Together Again (Corby, 1966) (BillyMac)
06. Arnold Mitchell - You Can Make It If You Try (Newtown, 1965) (MzO).
07. The Preytells - The Magician (De Broussard, 1971) (Chi-Town)
08. The Majestic Arrows - The Magic Of Your Love (Bandit, 1973 (UpInSmoke)
09. The Magic Tones - There's Nothing Better Than Love (Mah's, 1968) (Mello)
10. Willis Johnson & The JM'S Funk Factory - Tell Me, Saluda, 1972) (EastLAGuy)
11. Bloodstone - For The First Time (Rhino, 1975) (DustyRose)
12. Ella Fitzgerald - Ooh Baby Baby (Star Collection, 1973) (RossyBoy)
13. Bill Baker & The Chestnuts - Won't You Tell Me My Heart (Elgin, circa 1960) (BillyMac)
14. The Cincinnatians - The Magic Genie (Roosevelt Lee, 1962) (Chi-Town)
15. Jimmy Wayne - The Magic Of Her Love (Excalibur, 1963) (UpInSmoke)
16. Alexander Patton - Make The Best Of What You Got (Duo Disc, 1965) (MzO)
17. Debbie Taylor - Cheaper In The Long Run (Polydor, 1973) (RossyBoy)
18. Gary Hariston - Stay (Alive, 1982) (EastLAGuy)
19. A Debbie & The Informers - Here In My Heart (J Rude, 1965) (BillyMac)
20. The Casual Crescendos - Wish That You Were Here (MRC, 1963) (DustyRose)
21. Beulah Palmer & 3rd Avenue - Cried Daddy Daddy (Bem Sole, early 1970's) (MzO)
22. Perry & Sanlin - Just Like Magic (Capital LP, 1981) (Chi-Town)
23. Brenda & The Tabulations - Magic Of Your Love (Epic, 1973) )Mello)
24. Belita Woods - My Magic Corner (Moira, 1969) (UpInSmoke)

Note: RossyBoy changed the cover for the updated version. People, note this one is not in Guy's package below. If you want it go to and download it separately. Thanks!

Link Courtesy of EAST LA GUY
Albums Covers Courtesy of EAST LA GUY & ROSSYBOY

YOUR TREATS AWAIT YOU HERE: But we will appreciate your comments!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red Hot Souldies - 05 - Chapter Five - Welcome To My Ranfla


Here's RossyBoy 

with Vol. 5 

of our RedHot Souldies, 


It's time to go cruisin' again ! A little bit sooner than you  might have expected, but, then again, we like to keep surprising y'all ! Sister's in the driving seat and leading off with a killer cover version. The blood brothers try their very best to keep down to speed with super-slowies and rare doo-wops. Then the pace gets bumped up a bit towards the end. We're hoping you like this enough to give it the thumbs-up ! If it gives you the right kind of feeling, and you let us know, we may squeeze in another Chapter before the end of the year. These special selections take quite a bit of preparation; you'll find label scans in the package too. Alrato, carnals and carnalitas - rev up and get those speakers blastin' !!!

01 - King David & The Slaves - Does Your Mama Know About Me (DustyRose)
"Rare Southern Soul Vol 13 - 15 Beach Music Gems" CD (previously unreleased), Ripete, 2009

02 - Members Of The Staff - Stop The Bells (EastLAGuy)
EveJim, 1973

03 - Cammy Carol & The Halos - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (BillyMac)
Elmor, 1961

04 - The Jades - There's Nothing I Can Do (RossyBoy)
"The Best Of Scram Records" CD (previously unreleased), Night Train, 2006

05 - The Heartbreakers - How Do You Say Goodbye (Mello)
Derby-City, 1968

06 - Donnie Elbert - That's If You Love Me (DustyRose)
All Platinum, 1972

07 - Ann Robinson - Little Miss Lonely (EastLAGuy)
Virtue, 1969

08 - Argie & The Arkettes - Hey Baby (BillyMac)
Ronnie, 1966

09 - The Black And White Affair - Until The Real Thing Comes Along (RossyBoy)
Topaz, 1967?

10 - The Masqueraders - (Call Me) The Traveling Man (Mello)
HBS-ABC, 1975

11 - Norfolk - You Passed My Love (DustyRose)
Barbara Jean, 198?

12 - Chuck Bernard - Love Can Slip Away (EastLAGuy)
Zodiac, 1969

13 - Dotty Clark - It's Been A Long Long Time (BillyMac)
Big Top/London, 1961

14 - George Tinley - Close Your Eyes (RossyBoy)
Herald, 1961

15 - The Symphonics - All Roads Lead To Heartbreak (Mello)
Dee-Jon, 1964

16 - The Fabulous Waller Family - How Long Will I Be A Fool (DustyRose)
"Love Moods" album, Dynamic Artists, 1980 

17 - Gene Washington & The Ironsides - Got To Get Through To You (EastLAGuy)
Colemine, 2014

18 - Colleen Kaye & The Secrets - The One I Love (BillyMac)
Big Top, 1963

19 - Johnny Washington - Oh Girl (RossyBoy)
De-Lite, 1971

20 - Soft Tones - Any Street (Mello)
Thereway/Avco, 1973

21 - The Wemarettes - Take Another Look At Me (DustyRose)
"Northern Soul Girls Rock!" CD (previously unreleased), Master Classics, 2011

22 - Jacqueline Jones - A Frown On My Face (EastLAGuy)
Loadstone, 1974

23 - The Vareeations - Foolish One (BillyMac)
Dionne, 1968

24 - Gloria Walker - Papa's Got the Wagon (RossyBoy)
Federal/People, 1971 

25 - Faze-O - Riding High (Mello)
She, 1977

Post Courtesy Of DustyRose
Album Cover Courtesy Of  RossyBoy
Link Courtesy Of RossyBoy
Tracks Courtesy Of....BillyMac, DustyRose, RossyBoy, EastLAGuy & Mello

Monday, October 6, 2014


Here's A Killer compilation compiled by G-MAN & Myself. Gots some real nice Rolas for you all to enjoy, Just let us know how you liked it.  Thanks G-Man for inviting me to ride along on this cruise!

20 Smooth Soul Oldies:  Enjoy!!

01. Feris Fitzgerald - I've Got To Find My Baby (G-MAN)
02. Four Gents - I've Been Trying (DustyRose)
03. Delfonics - Over And Over (G-MAN)
04. United Four - Go On (DustyRose)
05. Aesops & Fables - Take A Step (G-MAN)
06. Bill Robinson & Quails - Lay My Head On Your Shoulder (DustyRose)
07. Jimmy Bailey - Everytime (G-MAN)
08. Smoked Sugar - My Eyes Search A Lonely Room For You (DustyRose)
09. Ruby Andrews - Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) (G-MAN)
10. Yvonne Gomez - Ease The Pain (DustyRose)
11. Uptights Band - Mirrors Don't Lie (G-MAN)
12. The Jades - I've Got Love For My Baby (DustyRose)
13. Joe Bataan - If I Were A King (G-MAN)
14. Anacostia (As The Presidents) - On And Off (Part 1) (DustyRose)
15. Linda Jones - I'm So Glad I Found You (G-MAN)
16. Empires - Love You So Bad (DustyRose)
17. Seven Sounds Unlimited - Sweet Harmony (G-MAN)
18. Shadows - My Love Has Gone (DustyRose)
19. Black Ivory - Spinning Around (G-MAN)
20. Little Ben & The Cheers - Never More (DustyRose)

Tracks Courtesy of G-MAN & DUSTYROSE
Link Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Album Cover Courtesy of G-MAN

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Familia Souldiez Vol 20 - One More Chance

            Here's RossyBoy with our September Familia Comp!

It's my pleasure to introduce you to the latest  volume of the monthly manifestation of our familia love ! It was my turn on duty as the producer this time round and I'm afraid I had to put big pressure on the familia to get our asses in gear for this one, as I'm not around myself for the rest of this month. But, as always, the krew pulled through with their killer cuts; some old favorites and some rarities. The only one of our regulars who missed out was our East L.A. brother, Guy, who is suffering from computer gremlins and hopes to get back on track next month after a major investment in new equipment. Hope all those firme tunes were backed up, Guy ! The G Man did his thang yet again with another supreme cover for us - you can tell his distinctive style from a mile off ! Gracias, G ! So here we go ..... hope it's to the usual high standards. Enjoy, and let us know !  

01 - The Masters of Houston - Please Wait For Me (My Darling) (BillyMac)
Ovide, 1968
02 - Jackie Verdell - Why Not Give Me A Chance (Chi-Town)
Peacock, 1963
03 - Jean DuShon - Talk To Me, Talk To Me (RossyBoy)
Atco, 1961
04 - Rene & Ray - I Can't Let You Go (BrownBoy)
Donna, 1962
05 - The Inclinations - I'm Gonna Make Love Last This Time (Mello)
Janus, 1972
06 - Beverly Crosby - Have We Become Prisoners (Of Our Own Selfishness) (MzO)
MPR Magic People Records, 197?
07 - Don Hollinger - Let Him Go (Up In Smoke)
Alberta - 1972
08 - The Vels - (What Good Am I) Without You (DustyRose)
Hue, 1966
09 - Tommy Mosley - So This Is Love (BillyMac)
Era, 1967
10 - O.V. Wright - Why Not Give Me A Chance (Chi-Town)
Back Beat, 1969
11 - The Rance Allen Group - Just My Imagination (Just My Salvation) (RossyBoy)
The Honest Truth, 197?
12 - The Arterials - What We Have (BrownBoy)
Mary, 19??
13 - The Masqueraders - One More Chance (Mello)
La Beat, 1967
14 - Carolyn Faye - That's All I Need Baby (MzO)
Reginald, 1965?
15 - The Emotions - I Love You But I'll Leave You (Up In Smoke)
Twin Stacks, 1968
16 - The Newday - Just Another Reason (DustyRose)
On Top, 1972
17 - The New Yorkers - Lonely (BillyMac)
Warner Brothers, 1970
18 - Shirley Lawson - One More Chance (Chi-Town)
Back Beat, 1968
19 - Marcia J. Ball - This Love That I'm Giving You (RossyBoy)
iTunes single, 2012
20 - The Vibrations - Forgive And Forget (BrownBoy)
Okeh, 1966
21 - Maxi Priest - One More Chance (Mello)
Virgin, 1993
22 - Jimmy Garland - You Made A Promise (MzO)
Festival, 19??
23 - Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Up In Smoke)
Libra, 196?
24 - The H. Andrews Congregation - One More Chance (DustyRose)
Balance, 1974

Post Courtesy Of DustyRose
Album Cover Courtesy Of  G-MAN 
Intro Courtesy Of RossyBoy
Link Courtesy Of RossyBoy
Tracks Courtesy Of....
MzO, BrownBoyBillyMac,Up In Smoke, DustyRose, RossyBoy, Mello & Chi-Town

Saturday, September 13, 2014

DustyRose's StarDust Melodiez Vol. 6

I hope you all enjoy Vol. 6 of my Stardust Melodiez Series, As you all know these series are full of some great Doo-Wop ballads & maybe a pinch of soul from time to time.  I try to find some rare songs & that takes time as I want to be sure none of these were used in the last past year or two which brings me to my next point. From here on in I will not be so heavy on the 411's on these songs and artist/groups as much as I enjoyed researching the background it's just too time consuming and feel that I may be putting too much work into my comps compared to the lack of comments.  I know there are a handful of you that enjoyed reading the background but I must end it...for the last past year or so I have been slacking for a reason, so my head isn't in it anyway, I want to keep putting these comps together and this way I can share more comps from now on but with less work, So for those in the past that have left their comments I want to thank you very much (I know who you are)  therefore I present Stardust Melodiez Vol. 6 but my request for a password still soon as I see your comment with your E-MAIL address I will ship out the password asap but come on back & let me know how you liked it or not!                                                                   
                    Thank you & Enjoy !  @>--;-- Rose

A little background on some of these tracks.....

01. The Five Boroughs - Stardust
1991 - Classic Artists Records 
A group of transplanted New Yorkers who formed a quintet in South Florida in 1986 with an eye to reviving the vocal harmony group tradition from the 1950s and 1960s,
02. El Juans - Golden Teardrops
1958 Sundown Label  208 A Side- Sundown Label from Gary, Indiana
Thank You Soulman for turning me on to this treasure!
03. The Dialtones - Love Is Forever
1966 Swan Prev. Unreleased  (Queens, New-York) 
The group Randy and the Rainbows evolved from The Dialtones, which in 1959 included Randy (Dom) Safuto and Frank Safuto, Rosalie Calindo, and Eddie Scalla, the Safutos' cousin. After recording during the early '60s for Goldisc the Safutos hooked up with three other neighborhood singers in 1962 to become Randy & the Rainbows.
04. The Jades - Tell Me Pretty Baby
1959  -  Christy
05. The DuMauriers - Baby, I Love You
1957  -  Fury Records
06. The Emblems - Would You Still Be Mine
1962 (Bayfront 107) 
07. The Cruisers - Crying Over You
1960 - V-Tone-213
The Cruisers from Philadelphia, PA never had a significant record. Patterning themselves after the Harptones, group leader Gene Williams, Randy Hamilton, Paul Long, and McKinley Anthony began recording on V-Tone Records. The deal resulted in two single releases in 1960: "Miss Fine" b/w "If I Knew," and "Don't Tease Me" b/w "Crying Over You;" the latter got pegged for mass distribution two years later by Guyden Records only to die a second time. Five years passed before their next deal in 1967 with Gamble Records, who were charting with the Intruders' records. "I Need You So" b/w "Take A Chance," reeked with sentiment but despite its charm didn't sell, and the Cruisers languished for nearly three years before their final release. Bunny Sigler brought the Cruisers' doo-wop skills out the closet with "Picture Us" b/w "Mink and Sable Mable," but Gamble Records only seem able to get hits on Sonny & the Intruders; while others including Ruth McFadden, the Jaggerz, the Futures, the Butlers, and the Epsilons always came up empty. Sigler later cut a solo version of "Picture Us" on Philadelphia International Records, and the Cruisers went on with their lives.
08. The Perfections - No More Love For You
1965  - Pam-O 101
09.The Hi Tensions - Ebbing Of The Tide
1963  - Milestone  aka The Angels from Los Angeles
The Hi Tensions were led by Bobby Parker, a fine R&B singer who  had been with the Chanteclairs on Lyric. Bobby met the other Hi Tensions through Roy Haggins who became the Baritone for the group, in 1960. The rest of the group included David Cook, the tenor, Jack Johnson, the Bass and Jonathan "Sonny" Allen who sang baritone & tenor.
10. The Willows - Now That I Have You
1961  -  Four Star  aka The Five Willows
The Willows bloomed in 1950 from Harlem as the Dovers: Richie Davis, John Steele, Ralph Martin, Joe Martin (twins), and Bobby Robinson. Tony Middleton replaced Robinson who left in 1952 to open a record shop on 125th Street that became Fury Records.The Dovers built a reputation battling other groups; they often practiced with Gloria Lynne's group, the Delltones; Lynne later recorded on Premium with the Wheels before going solo.Pete and Goldie Doraine became their managers and financed the groups' 1953 debut, "Love Bells," on their own Pee Dee label, as the Five Willows.After two flops on Herald in 1954, they hit as the Willows (dropping the "Five" for booking purposes) on Melba in 1956 with "Church Bells May Ring," featuring Neil Sedaka on chimes. It blasted to number 11 R&B but died at number 62 pop due to the Diamonds' number 14 pop cover. The Cadets and Sunny Gale also played the cover game.
11. Richard Blandon & The Dubs - Wherever You Are
1990 - Classic atist From Harlem, New-York, AKA Five Wings,The Scale-Tones aka The Marvels.  Richard Blandon continued on with his version of the Dubs. Kirk Harris remained, and Jay McKnight was an alternate lead singer (fronting all the non-Dubs numbers they did). By late 1990, Danny Foy had replaced Kirk Harris, and the trio of Blandon, McKnight, and Foy recorded "Wherever You Are" for Classic Artists, released in December of that year. This group was self-contained, having its own band, including Joe Owens on piano (they also had sax, bongos, bass, guitar, and drums). They continued on until Blandon's death in December 1991, when his brother, Darryll, took over the lead. At a February 1992 show, the Dubs were: Darryll Blandon, Jay McKnight, Danny Foy, and Doretha Gills.
12. The Superbs - He Broke A Young Girls Heart [Ureleased Version] 
1966 - Dore  
from California, USA, were one of the best mid-60s sweet-soul groups to meld doo-wop harmonies into the sound of soul. The members were Eleanor ‘Punkin’ Green’ (lead), Walter White, Bobby Swain, Gordy Harmon and Ronny Cook. Green possessed a soprano lead that sounded much like a male falsetto and it was an era when falsetto-led groups were regularly on the charts. After their first record in 1964 on Lew Bedell’s Dore label, ‘Storybook Of Love’, flopped, Harmon left to form the Whispers (the Whispers were the Superbs’ labelmates and were likewise outstanding in merging doo-wop with soul). The next record, ‘Baby Baby All The Time’, with its relaxed lope, proved a success in 1964. Similar-sounding and equally appealing follow-ups were ‘Sad Sad Day’ (1964) and ‘Baby’s Gone Away’ (1965). Around this time Swain left the group to form the Entertainers Four, who also recorded for Dore. He was replaced by Lawrence Randall. Green left in 1966 to get married and the group regrouped, but the magic was gone and by the 70s the group had broken up. Lawrence Randall formed a new Superbs group in the mid-80s to play on the southern California revival circuit.
13. The Wrens - Reckless
1955 - Recorded Circa 
14. The Sweethearts - What Did I Do
1963 - Brunswick, AKA Alpha Angels, Philadelphia Angels
Members: Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson, Evette Benton
15. The Starglows - Let's Be Lovers
1963 - Atco    originally The Flamingos From Chicago, Illinois
After The Flamingos, Terry formed his own group called Terry Johnson & The Modern Flamingos. When Nate Nelson left The Flamingos, he joined forces with Terry. They recorded under the name THE STARGLOWS. They co-wrote and sang “Let’s Be Lovers” on the Atco Label, 
16. The Danleers - I Really Love You
1958  - Mercury 
17. The Velours - That's What Girls Are Made For
1985 - Clifton Lost Tapes  1950s
Formed 1956 in Brooklyn, NY. Disbanded 1961
The Velours were originally from the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and although they never scored any major chart hits, they are fondly remembered for their variety of vocal group romantic ballads, novelty numbers, and up-tempo jump and rockin' songs. Ronnie I of UGHA brought back this great group among others through the 80's  & 90's
18. Nicky Addeo & The Darchaes  - You Can Depend On Me
1964  - Melody 1417
19. The Flamingos - Every Time I Think Of You
1960  - End LP 308  From Chicago
20 The Jaynetts - There's No Love At All
1964  -  Tuff  from The Bronx, NY,
21. The El Dorados - A Fallen Tear
1956 - Vee Jay 197
22. The Luvs - We Kiss In The Shadows
1963 - Stallion
23. The Fabulous Crys-Tels - Ease The Pain
1962  -  Delano label,  From Chicago
24. The Clickettes - Because Of My Best Friend
1959 - Dice
25. YesterDaze - The Stars
2009 - Collectables Records


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