Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gangster Of Love

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This time around Jokers Wild has this jam packed Gangster comp filled with 29 killer Rolas to share with you all and did I say KILLER?!?!? Oh hell yeah, and with a good looking cover to boot! So get them fingers ready to hit that keyboard with some respect...Let's show Jokers Wild some love again people!

1. I'm Sorry - CL & The Pictures
2. Wishing, Waiting, Hoping - Tony Owens
3. Joyce - The Radiants
4. Heaven To Me - Johnny Larand
5. Big Lie - Gene Chandler
6. I Always Will Love You - L C Steels
7. You're On Top Now - The Untouchables
8. What Goes Up Must Come Down - Lee Moore

9. Never Again - Donnie Elbert

10. Gotta Make A Comeback - Eddie Floyd
11. My Best Friend - Frankie & The Damons
12. She Was Wrong - Walter B
13. I'll Be There - Betty & Roy
14. Lonely Man - Robert Ramsey
15. Forgive This Fool - Lee Mitchell
16. Have You Heard - Royal Knights
17. As Long As You Love Me - The Impressions
18. You Made Me Cry - Nathaniel Mayer
19. Call On Me - Larry Williams
20. It's A Game - Sonny Green
21. When I'm With You - The Four Thoughts
22. The One Who Really Loves You - Sugarpie DeSanto
23. Begging Begging - James Brown
24. Can't Stand Your Fooling Around - Gene Burks
25. Stop! Look What You're Doing - Carla Thomas
26. I'm The One - Li'l Willie
27. Sometimes - Jackie Edwards
28. Could This Be Love - Joe Tex
29. How To Make A Little Girl Cry - Ricky Vee & The Stardusters

Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by JOKERS WILD

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jukebox Soul

Alright you music lovers, you been pretty good with the comments but don't stop posting them! Here is another Killer of a comp from that Soul Killer, Jokers Wild....But 15 or more comments will get you this link for your listening pleasure....

1. Since You Been Gone - Sam & Bob & Doris Badie
2. I Tried To Love You - Les Watson & The Panthers
3. Security Of Love - Jackie Hunt
4. Wasting My Life Loving You - Milton Marlin
5. I Don't Deserve A Boy Like You - Barbara English
6. Tender Lover - The Opals
7. You Threw A Lucky Punch - Gene Chandler
8. I Would Like To Know - Benny Turner & The Armourettes
9. My Greater Sin - Ben Mitchell
10. Many Times I Cried - Charles Swain, David Tolbert, & The Black Liberation
11. As Sure As I Live And Breathe - Nancy Love
12. Only September - Wild Honey
13. If I Should Die Tonight (Alternate) - Marvin Gaye
14. I Love You, I Need You - Lazy Lester
15. There's Something Else I Want To Do - Larry Hale
16. It's All Over Now - Melvin Moroson
17. The Gleam In Your Eye - The Overtones
18. Lonely Room - Mickey Murray
19. That's All I Want To Do - Lenny Wayne & The Hi-Tones
20. We'd Better Quit - Roman Weston Expo
21. Love, Love, Love - Aaron Neville
22. She Used To Be Mine - Obrey Wilson
23. Forever And Always - Oscar & Steve
24. I'm Gonna Make It - Janice Tyrone
25. Give Me Your Love - Delores Johnson
26. Blame Me [Don't Blame My Heart] - Sam & Dave
27. My All Is You - Levert Allison

Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by JOKERS WILD

Monday, July 16, 2012

O.G. Supreme Oldiez Chapter 6

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Okay Ladies and Gents, G-Man and Tonka are at it again bringing you volume six of a firme compilation. We have put together 18 rolas that not only touch your soul but also speak what all our hearts have felt at some point in our lives.

01. Vince Cantu - Hold My Hand (Tonka)
02. Fabulous Traits - Lonely Man (G-Man)
03. Majestics - Girl Of My Dreams (Tonka)
04. Miriam Grate & The Dovers - My Angel (G-Man)
05. Grant St. Exit - That's Why I Love You (Tonka)
06. The Main Ingredient - You've Got To Take It (If You Want It) (G-Man)
07. Walter Jackson - Welcome Home (Tonka)

08. Willie Hutch - I Choose You (G-Man)
09. The Chandlers - I Love You Girl (Tonka)
10. The Conservatives - That's All (G-Man)
11. Major Lance - You'll Want Me Back (Tonka)
12. Skip Mahoney & The Casuals - Seems Like (The Love We Had Is Dead And Gone) (G-Man)
13. Otis Leavill - I Need You (Tonka)
14. Billy Stewart - Tell Me The Truth (G-Man)
15. Gene Martin - You Take Her Home (Tonka)
16. The Playgirls - The Bells (G-Man)
17. Jt Rhythm - All I Want Is You (Tonka)
18. The Philharmonics - I Need Your Love (G-Man)

Cover Design by: G-Man

Tracks Provided by: G-Man & Tonka
Link Provided by: G MAN
Posted by: DustyRose

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joker Oldiez Vol. 2

Here's Volume 2 of Joker Oldiez, You know the drill....Drop those 15 comments or more & this soul killer comp is yours to take, FREE! But don't stop there, Keep them coming, let Jokers Wild know how much you enjoyed it!

1. Hard To Be In Love - 13th Amendment
2. Don't Hurt Me No More - Al Greene
3. Temptation Was Too Strong - Don Covay & The Goodtimers
4. I Got The Message - Big Jay McNeely
5. My Love Is Good For You Baby - Cal Bright
6. Little More Understanding (A Little More Love) - Johnny & Delores
7. I've Learned My Lesson - Donald Lee Richardson
8. Here, There, And Everywhere - Orchesta Pucho Lopez
9. I'm So Glad - Billy Jones
10. I Want You So Bad - James Brown
11. Yellow Moon - The Biscaynes
12. It's All Over - Johnny Robinson
13. Soothe Me Baby - Bobby Foster
14. Someday Little Girl - Bobby Wayne
15. I'm So Lonely - Dan Brantley
16. Keep On Trying - Guitar Ray
17. Depend On Me - Josephine Taylor
18. Stranger - Larry Saunders

Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by G-MAN

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Joker Oldiez Vol. 1

* New Link Updated 06/02/13 *

Dang! I love this cover G, Fits him to the max!!

JOKERS WILD is at it again bringing you all his compiled choice of Rolas to enjoy, I know I did & it even includes one from my favorites
"Superiors - Eternal Dreams" Joint & a Half! Grab this baby and take this killa comp over to your side of the world!
Let JOKERS WILD know that you appreciate his work!

1. My Baby Is Back - James Duncan

2. Gee But I Like Your Smile - The Storytellers
3. She Used To Be Mine - Obrey Wilson
4. I Got Everything I Need - Gerald & Nancy Ray
5. Yesterday's Laughter - The Sheltons
6. My Heart Remembers - Willie Tee
7. I Need Your Love - McKinley Travis
8. I Want A Woman - Nathaniel Mayer & The Fabulous Twilights
9. Think Before You Answer - Hank Sample
10. I'm Not Wanted - The Shepards
11. Falling In Love Again - Heart Breakers
12. Oh Lord - The Invaders
13. The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) - Joe Tex
14. Bad Woman - Oscar Weathers
15. A Minute Of His Goodtime - Marie "Queenie" Lyons
16. Blame My Heart - The Meridians
17. You've Got To Do The Best You Can - Carl Walden
18. Soldier Boy - Nathan McKinney
19. Just Because You Gone And Left - The Ultimates
20. Sad Man's Land - The Spoilers
21. But Then You Left Me - The Shades Of Sensation
22. Eternal Dreams - The Superiors
23. I'm Just A Lonely Guy - Jim Pipkin & The Boss Five
24. My Heaven - Alton Ellis & Aubrey Adams & The Drewdroppers
25. Oh Girl - Sir Thompson
26. A New Chapter In My Life - Cheryl Dorsey
27. Forever In Love - Herman Willis

Link courtesy of G MAN

Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by G MAN

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DustyRose's Prisoner Of Love Vol. 1

Gotta new series here titled for another favorite song of mine,
"Prisoner Of Love" is a 1931 popular song with music by Russ Columbo and Clarence Gaskill and lyrics by Leo Robin. The song was popularized by Columbo and later became a major hit for Perry Como and The Ink Spots. It was also recorded by Billy Eckstine and many other artist that followed... In all our lifes we are all Prisoners when it comes to love...past, present & future...It's just the music that makes it that more real.

Okayyy, time to Bitch!...
This is in no way intended toward my fellow Crew members....
(Thanks again 4 your previous comments on this comp)

I hope you all enjoy the tunes that I compiled for this series but this time around I would love to see more comments. (To those that posted comments in the past are appreciated so much!) I gotta look at this from my fellow crew members point of view ,especially P-Stylze comment posted on the side of this blog for COMMENT OF THE DAY.. I agree 100%!
No begging on your part or bigheaded on mine, It's just that I spend alot of time on these & when I see the limit of 10 to 20 comments compare to the 200+ downloads in my account, I gotta say it upsets me somewhat & though I LOVE to share what I have, I realize it's my choice to do so, even if SOME of these tracks I shared appear on CD compilations to be sold on E-Bay when your getting them free from here...My tracks may come from Vinyl, Tapes, CD's, 8 tracks, or my collection from generous sharers in the past, whatever, No MATTER, they are MP3 NOW....Sharing these with you all is not robbing me in that way as they are here for your listening pleasure...There, I said it and I'm not sorry, it's just something that's been annoying me for awhile, so if the shoe fits, I'm just saying.... :)
Well the rest is up to you music lovers, either you want to leave a comment or not....Keep in mind that to SOME of you these are Rolas that you may not have and would love to get, even more when your a music lover as we all are or we wouldn't be here.
My point is that these comps are free and when someone hands you something for free, what do you say ???
Honestly, I have no time to be mailing out passwords so I'm gonna make this easy...25 comments or more and this baby is yours, Only then will I post the link (even for the ones that wait & didn't say ("Thanks")
Please don't hate, I'm just being honest :D

Big props to RossyBoy for knocking out another cover for me!!! Gracias RB :)
Big Thanks to G-Man for allowing my comp posts on SSS ! :)

Here's a little 411 on some of these tracks BUT half way down I lost my notes on the background stories, so I am skipping those for the fact that I don't wanna research them all over again! As always any corrections are welcomed. Thanks & Enjoy!

@-}--- Rose
01. James Brown &The Famous Flames - Prisoner Of Love1962 - King Born James Joseph Brown May 3, 1933 – Died December 25, 2006) Brown revived "Prisoner of Love" in 1963. It was his first recording to enter the pop Top 20, reaching #18. He performed the song live with his vocal group, The Famous Flames on the concert film The T.A.M.I. Show, and on a mid-1960s telecast of The Ed Sullivan Show. The Flames, however, were not used on the studio recording, having been replaced, in this instance, by a female chorus.02. The Charmels - I'll Gladly Take You Back1967 - Volt AKA The The Tonettes & The Dixiebelles03. Aztlan - Should I Take You Home04. The Unhooked Generation - The Big Let Down05. The Sly Slick & Wicked - Not On The OutsideOff their (Tonights The Night) CD, founded in 1969 by Texas native Thomas Hawkins, aka Sonny Daye. The group debuted in East Los Angeles with original members Sonny Daye, Larry Lewis and Donny Everheart06. The Cellos - I Beg For Your LoveFrom Manhattan,New York 1958 - Apollo 524 From Manhattan,New York The original name of the group was The Marcels and they would practice tunes by one of their favorite groups The Harptones. The group got a contract with Apollo Records and had their first session in January of 1957. But by the end of March in 1958, That was the end of The Cellos, and also soon would be the end of Apollo Records.07. The Ballads - Forever1967 - Venture08. Reflections - Through Thick And Thin09. The Extensions - My Need1963 - Success 10910. Billy ''Soul'' Bonds - Stand By Me Girl11. The Five Smooth Stones - I Will Never Love Another12. Freddy & The Sounds Of Soul - I Can't Break Away From You13. The Three Degrees - Together14. The Four Tops - Remember What I Told You to Forget1972 - ABC Records, Founded in Detroit, Michigan as The Four Aims, lead singer Levi Stubbs (born Levi Stubbles, a cousin of Jackie Wilson and brother of The Falcons' Joe Stubbs) sings Lead on this original version..who lost his life in 200815. Mayer Hawthorne - You've Got The Makings Of A LoverBorn and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Hawthorne moved to Los Angeles in 2008 He got his feel of soul music when he was younger listening to the car radio while riding with his Dad near Detroit16. 100% Pure Poison - Puppet On A Chain17. The Montegos - Theme Of A Broken Heart18. The Exquisites - Never Never1985 - Avenue D19. Bobby Mandolph - Tell Me Tomorrow20. The Moods - Neither One Of Us21. Harmony Street - Come Back To Me22. Silk & Satin - You Got To Be The One23. Man's Theory - What Can I Do24. Royal Jesters - You're Not There25. Al Hudson & One Way - Something in the Past