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Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 12 - Angeleno Action

A Must Have!!

Here's RossyBoy with his Introduction....

Black Ice on the cover; caused the pensioners' bus to skid and break down, but the three veteranos managed to jump a freight car heading South-West to the City of Angels to catch up with Guy. We were like three old hobos, poor of pocket, but rich in great soulful tunes to lay before our East L.A. brother when we made it to Echo Park. But Guy wasn't totally happy - "The ladies of L.A. are FIRME!"  he said. "Where are your femme tracks?" But we stuck to our gangsta guns: "We don't even have a Whispers' song, never mind Ty Karim; we can't please everybody, there's just so much to choose from!" burst out BillyMac. "And anyway, she may not be Eleanor Green, but Cheryl Boyd is definitely a LADY, on lead for The Superbs!" countered RB. The Mello man, living up to his name and just as smooth in person as his jams are, got it all calmed down: "Just like previous comps, I'm sure the track list will meet with everyone's approval. It looks like we'll just have to re-visit all these soul cities!" Guy dropped in that Karen Small classic, so he was happy that he looked out for his hynas. And here we are now with our latest offering of tracks and artists associated with Los Angeles. It's been a great music year for us putting together this Oldtimer Souldies Series. We hope you've all enjoyed the series too.  For those in catch-up mode there are new links for the series listed way below the tracklist.
The Veteranos!

01 - Sa-Shays - Here Comes Love (East LA Guy)
Zen, 1963
02 - The Incredibles - Standing Here Crying (Mello)
Audio Arts, 1969
03 - Pentagons (aka The Jones Brothers) - That's All Over Baby (BillyMac)
Bell, 1969
04 - The Superbs - He's An Aries Man (RossyBoy)
Dore, 1981
05 - Karen Small - Boys Are Made To Love (East LA Guy)
Venus, 1966
06 - The Shields - I'm Sorry Now (Mello)
Dot/Tender, 1958
07 - Friday's Child - As I Sit Here (BillyMac)
Dore, 1969
08 - 21st Century - Search The World Over (RossyBoy)
previously unreleased, "LA's Silver Soul: Lee Silver's Symphonic Productions" CD, Kent, 2003
09 - Sunlovers - My Poor Heart (East LA Guy)
Mutt & Jeff, 1967
10 - Black Ice - You're Always On My Mind (Mello)
"I Judge The Funk" album, HDM, 1979
11 - Andy Fisher - My Heart's Beating Stronger (BillyMac)
Fat Fish, 1967
12 - Thee Midniters - To Be With You (RossyBoy)
Whittier, 1968?
13 - Mike & The Censations - Shopping For A Love (East LA Guy)
Revue, 1969
14 - Brainstorm - This Must Be Heaven (Mello)
"Stormin'" album, Tabu, 1977
15 - Bobby Mandolph - Tell Me Tomorrow (BillyMac)
Vault, 1969
16 - Odyssey - Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (RossyBoy)
MoWest, 1972
17 - Main Events - Don't Leave  (East LA Guy)
Miracle Mile, 1971
18 - Sylvester - Here Is My Love (Mello)
Fantasy, 1981
19 - Jades - When They Ask About You (BillyMac)
Dore, 1963
20 - George Freeman - Down And Out (RossyBoy)
Valiant, 1963
21 - Majestics - (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me (East LA Guy)
Linda 121, 1965
22 - The Entertainers lV - Hey Lady (Mello)
Dore, 1967
23 - Bobby Freeman - That Little Old Heartbreaker Me (BillyMac)
Autumn, 1964
24 - The Village Callers - Evil Ways (RossyBoy)
Rampart/Bell - 1969

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DustyRose's Prisoner Of Love Vol. 2

Here comes Vol. 2 of this series, Took me a while but it's finally finished! Compiling this Vol. took me about 6 months, so you all know it comes along with my heart & soul...My Vol. 1 is over 200 d/l's so far, so I must be doing something right! :)

I want to thank my cover guy RossyBoy for fixing up another badass cover!
My Chi-Town Homey "Mello" is going to help me mail out the password so be sure to leave your e-mail addresses along with them wonderful comments that I so love to read!

Thanks in advance for taking interest in my
compilations.     Enjoy   
@-}--- Rose
 Thank you Mello for offering your help... :)

 Some 411 on some of these tracks and as always corrections are welcomed!

01. Bloodstone - Prisoner Of Love
1976  -  Rhino
02. Patrick Attali - Just A Fool
1983  -  Amo Records from France
03. Tippie And The Wisemen - I Wouldn't Mind Crying
1966  -  Shrine label in D.C. (owned by Raynoma Gordy, former wife of Berry Gordy). AKA The Clovers but soon after this 1966 recording, the Wisemen became the Clovers again, one of the most popular groups in the history of R&B
04. Star Material - I Need You
1977  -  Sprite label, from Richmond, VA.
05. The Performers - Darling I'm So Thankful
No yr - Villa Records
06. The Emotions - I Can't Bear The Temptation
Vardan Records? AKA The Lovers, The Pacemakers
In 1963, at Deal Air Force base in Northern California a group of  5 servicemen got together and formed a singing group called the Emotions. They performed here and there on the base in-between fulfilling their duties as members of the armed forces Lieutenant Colonel by the name of Arvey Andrews took the group under his wing & decided to take them into the studio, where they recorded their first record "Do this for me"/"Love of a girl", released on Arvey's own Vardan label. Shortly after its release however, a phone call was received from the lawyer of an east coast group of the same name and rather than fight it out in court, they decided to change their name
07. The Casinos - Please Love Me
1967  - Fraternity
A nine-member doo-wop group from Cincinnati, Ohio, led by Gene Hughes. They are best-known for their John Loudermilk written song “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye,”
08. The Ovations - I Know You Don't Want Me
P-Vine Records/Ace Records From the Album Goldwax Recordings  This vocal group was from Memphis, Tennessee that were fronted by lilting tenor Louis Williams, whose uncanny vocal resemblance to the late Sam Cooke was no accident.
09. Valerie & Nick - I'll Find You
1964  -  Glover
10. Floyd Lawson & The Heart Of Stone-What's Come Over Me
1976 - Flo Records
11. Silk & Satin - Sad Girl
2010  - Solid Smoke Records
12. The Modettes - I Won't Be Such A Fool Anymore
1967  -  Kent
13. The Philly Devotions - I Just Cant Say Goodbye
1974  -  Columbia Label & Don De,  Don De is the original, small-label issue by this group. The Devotions were picked up by Columbia in 1974, and this song was re-released on Columbia in 1975; it hit #81 on the RnB chart and #95 on the pop chart.
14. Steve Gibson & The Original Red Caps - Where Are You
1959 on Casa Blanca/Hunt labels AKA The Toppers,The Five Red Caps, This group included Damita Jo as vocalist in the 50's, They had their beginnings in 1939. By 1961 the vocal-instrumental combo had broken up for the last time. It had been a long and productive run of more than twenty one years with Steve Gibson the one constant outlasted almost everyone
15. Tint Of Darkness - The Lines
1978  -  SOB Records
16. Midnites’ Moon - Never Never
2007  -  CD Baby label
17. Latinaires - My Love
1970  -  Cotique,  off The Latinaires, Like It Is LP
18. Maureen Gray - I Don't Want To Cry In Front Of You
1980  -  Chancellor Records
19. Tomorrow's Promise - Should I Follow My Heart
1975  -  Mercury Label
20. Barbara Mason - Agony And The Ecstasy
Her 1984 cover of Smokey Robinson's 1975 Billboard hit
Written & Produced by William "Smokey" who you can hear sing along with her at times
21. The Circulations - Stop, Look, & Listen
Hess Records, Baltimore
22. The Moments - Where
1969  - Stang 5008 - B side of  "I'm So Lost"
They have been around since 1965, with about 10 or more past members but still hanging in there!
23. Mad Lads - Shoulda' Never Let Go
(1991 Remastered ) More Philadelphia soul, The Mad Lads were still in high school when they were signed to Stax in late 1964. In the mid-'60s, they enjoyed solid R&B hits with "Don't Have to Shop Around," "I Want Someone," and "I Want a Girl,"  this track is off their undeservedly ignored 1991 comeback album.
24. Alton Ellis - Never Before
1979  - Third World Label
Ellis was born on September 1, 1938, and grew up in Trenchtown, an impoverished area of Jamaica that was home to other leading musicians, including Bob Marley. Ellis excelled at both sports and music at the Boys' Town school, and made a habit of breaking into the school after hours to teach himself to play the piano. He died of bone cancer, in 2008 in London at 70 years old and was given a state funeral in honor of the legacy he left to Jamaican music. He was survived by several children, 20 or more from different relationships and many grandchildren. In 2006, he was inducted into the International Reggae And World Music Awards Hall Of Fame.
25. The Delfonics - It's Been a Long Time
AKA The Four Gents/The Orphonics,From Philadelphia
strangely enough, I cannot find any yr or label on this particular track

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Lost Angels Souldies - Vol.09

With the permission of P-Stylze, I'm dropping this kickass comp for the first time here on SSS. It was released last summer,but it's just too good not to pass on, it's free to you but I am requesting to see comments because I feel it is well deserved!
 Now here's P-Stylze's Intro...

Q-Vole Familia, Here we have Lost Angels Vol.9, I am cruising thru the blogosphere with a couple of new homies on board..Of course my homeboy Mello is sitting shotgun with the Sweet Soul rolas,But I also have our homegirl Serna 408,She came in the ride with some FIRME cutz and then there's my other homeboy Brownboy,This Vato is always coming thru with some FIRME drops lika a true "G" does...We invite you to come along on our Sweet Soul Journey in our ranfla bumpin some ROLAS we all love,Hopefully you find a cut or two on this comp.So with that being said drop a line and let us know what you think....      ENJOY!!!  

Intro by: P-STYLZE
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Tracks courtesy of: P-STYLZE, BROWNBOY, SERNA 408 & MELLO
Album cover by: P-STYLZE 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Borrowed Time Soul Classics Vol. 3

Say people, much love to you for stoppin' by. The ol' vato returns with his volume three. A shoutout is in order for another firme cover from G-Man
The game's the same if you've been anywhere around me. The program don't change. It's all cool & good with me as I'm sure you get the picture.....At least say; hello & don't be a stranger. I surely don't ask for much.

01. Take Your Time - The Festivals
02. Your Love - The Ballads
03. The Drifter - Ray Pollard
04. Come Back Home - Truth
05. Send My Baby Back - Freddie Hughes
06. Please Take A Chance On Me - The Arabians
07. Oo I Love You - The Dells
08. Nobody But You - Esther Phillips
09. I Got Carried Away - Tyrone Davis
10. Whatever Makes You Happy - The Miracles
11. Just One Lifetime - J. Blackfoot
12. Let Me Love You Again - The Summits
13. Living Together (In Sin) - The Whispers
14. Shackin' Up - Barbara Mason
15. All I Wanna Do (Is Spend My Life Loving You) - The Originals
16. Toast To The Fool - The Dramatics
17. Just The Lonely Talkin' Again - The Manhattans
18. Sparkle - Cameo

Intro by Mello
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