Sunday, March 29, 2015

Familia Souldiez Vol 26 - Time After Time

Some of the Familia seem to have gone to ground this month, but luckily Rose and CanoMan came through with a couple extra tracks each to help make up the numbers. Of course another great cover from the G Man helps to set it all up nicely. So, despite some chopping and changing, we hope we've kept up the standard. Let us know and please enjoy ! RB

Track List:
01 - Billy Stewart - Time After Time (DustyRose)
"Unbelievable" album, Chess, 1965
02 - Freda Harris - I Miss Your Love (CanoMan)
Soultrack, 1972
03 - The Velvets - Time And Again  (Mello)
Monument, 1961
04 - Bobby Camel - Title Love Song (MzO)
Tune-Kel, 19??
05 - Augustine Twins - Every Day Of My Life (BillyMac)
Duke, 1967
06 - The Dreamers - Tears In My Eyes (RossyBoy)
Grand, 1955
07 - The Kickin Mustangs - Take A Miracle (DustyRose)
Plato, 1968
08 - These Gents - Yesterday Standing By (CanoMan)
Western World, 1974
09 - Upfronts - It Took Time (Mello)
Lummtone, 1962
10 - Johnny Angel - Are You Sure You Want To Give Me Your Love (MzO)
Watch, 1974
11 - Cool Sounds - A Love Like Ours Could Last A Million Years Or More (DustyRose)
Warner Bros, 1972
12 - Erma Franklin - Time After Time (CanoMan)
Epic, 1962
13 - Charades - Please Be My Love Tonight (BillyMac)
Ava, 1964
14 - International "G.T.O's" - It's Been Raining In My Heart (RossyBoy)
Rojac, 1966
15 - The Tymes - Somebody Loves You~He Don't Really Love You (DustyRose)
"Ms Grace" CD, Pegasus, 2008
16 - Hard Tymes - I Ask A Question (CanoMan)
Ruby, 198?
17 - The Impressions with Jerry Butler - A Long Time Ago (Mello)
"For Your Precious Love" album, Vee-Jay, 1963
18 - Ted Ford - You Don't Love Me (MzO)
Gaye, 1967
19 - New Cymbals - What Am I Guilty Of? (BillyMac)
DeLite, 1972
20 - Alpha Zoe - Hello Stranger (RossyBoy)
Hit, 1963
21 - Bloodstone - That's Not How It Goes (DustyRose)
London, 1974
22 - The Sensations - Gotta Find Myself Another Girl (CanoMan)
Way Out, 1968

Download here:

Post Courtesy Of ROSSYBOY
Album Cover Courtesy Of G MAN


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Southside Story Limited Edition Platinum Vol 1

You know how it works by now. The G MAN comes up with these Big Ideas: "Let's involve La Raza to come up with suggestions of tunes for a new oldies series. I have to get out of the cold into my heated bedroom so I can look at some comics and watch TV - maybe you and Rose can do the work. Call me when it's finished and I'll say thank you to all the contributors and they'll think I'm a swell guy." So here we are - but I'm not quite as dumb as the G Man assumes I am. I've grabbed posting rights and I'm the one saying the big GRACIAS to the listeners for all their fine suggestions ! It's a hard job making the selections; getting the balance right between great but known songs and lesser known gems. I know that, for myself, any tune that I don't already have goes right to the top of the list if it's got the right tempo and sentiment for the mix. Some tunes may be excluded because they're a bit fast-paced for this kind of series. Others are sweet but appear on some common commercial or bootleg compilations and so are too well known already. But we can't write a justification for every single selection - ultimately "the decisions of the judges are FINAL !!!" So apologies to anyone who feels they missed out - we can only say "Keep Trying !". Sister DustyRose, of course, has impeccable taste and an ear for a good tune. So hopefully the ultimate picking and choosing will meet with your approval. There was such a great response that we will continue with further volumes of the series. Any of the final comments on Volume 1 will be carried forward for consideration next time. It's been great fun checking on the comments to see what pearls have come up in the day to day suggestions. There are label scans in the package, so now it's time to sit back and enjoy ! Don't turn up the volume too loud; you might wake up the G Man from his Velvet Dreamz and maybe he'll have some more BIG IDEAS .... oh no, let's get out of here, Rose....   RB

Track list:
01. Lee Washington...Little Girl [Smooothgroooves]
02. Marvin Gaye...I'll Take Care Of You [Ceeo83]
03. The Yeomans...I'm The Guy [RossyBoy]
04. The Shadows (The Carlos Brothers)...Under Stars Of Love [Alfredo]
05. Speedo & The Cadillacs...Girl Of My Dreams [Parts321]
06. Masters Of Soul...Please Wait For Me (My Darling) [richsoul]
07. Cloe Martin...It Comes To My Attention [Joseph Brito]
08. The Fabulous Performers...Oh How You Hurt Me [Joe Azua]
09. The Lost Generation...Someday [G MAN]
10. The Glories...Dark End Of The Street [Dave Thomas]
11. Edwin Riley...Will You Still Love Me [Rocco]
12. The O'Jays...Look Over Your Shoulder [DustyRose]
13. Tapestry...Yea Yea Girl [Jazzman]
14. Carlton Beck...The Girl I Left Behind [Lil'D]
15. Robby Lawson...I Have Searched [RossyBoy]
16. Irma Thomas...Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) [GrandpaTerry]
17. Bennie Conn...Tell Me You Love Me [Amospop]
18. The Miracles...I Love You Secretly [Ronnie]
19. 7 Sounds Ltd....(I'm Waiting For) Sweet Harmony [Danny Tats]
20. The Superbs...Get Ready For Love [Mello]
21. Linda Jones...I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow [G MAN]
22. Sunny & The Sunliners...Put Me In Jail [OG SADBOY]
23. Lee Moses... What You Don't Want Me To Be [mrramos711]
24. A Tint Of Darkness...I'm Leaving [DustyRose]

Download here:

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Friday, March 13, 2015

South Side Story, Vol. 1

South Side Souldiez  is in the process of creating our own signature oldies series and we want your input with the 1st volume. Please leave us a comment with artist and title name as your submission to grace our volume one compilation. We want this series to have an underground oldies vibe in the tradition of Eastside Story. Each person is limited to submitting one suggestion a day. We want extreme top quality tracks and therefore will reject and unknown amount of suggestions.....but don't feel discouraged if your cut isn't chosen.....just shoot us an even better idea the next day. Trusted Familia, ROSSYBOY & DUSTYROSE will be the official judges on the project. Each of them will choose 7 tracks from our readers and also contribute two tracks each of their own. I will contribute the cover and two tracks myself, while my partner ROSSYBOY will throw the link together when everything is ready to go. If possible we will try to update the track list as we confirm tracks for the please shoot us your picks and hopefully if all goes well we can continue to make this a 12 volume series. 
Thanks ahead of time for all of your support!

Also.....if you think you are suggesting a really rare one that we don't have and you have the actual track.....leave your email so we can contact you to get a mp3 copy.


Also thank you for the mp3s that were sent to me from:

Current Tracklist

3. Someday...Lost Generation [G Man]
7. I'll Take Care Of You...Marvin Gaye [Ceeo83]
13. I Have Searched...Robby Lawson [RossyBoy]
14. I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow...Linda Jones [G Man]
16. I Love Your Secretly...The Miracles [Ronnie]
17. I'm The Guy...Yeomans [RossyBoy]


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RossyBoy's Telling It Like It Is

01 - McKinley Mitchell - Tell It Like It Is
One-Derful, 1963

02 - Charles Brown - Angel Baby
King, 1961

03 - Tony Allen - I'm Dreamin'
Dig, 1956

04 - The Jiving Juniors - Too-Woo-Up-Too-Woo
"Mento & R&B" CD, Trojan, 2011 

05 - Terri Anders - All In My Mind
Chief, 1960

06 - Ivory Joe Hunter - I Need You So
MGM (78), 1950

07 - Eddie Holman - I'll Be There
ABC, 1970

08 - The Chantels - Take Me As I Am
20th Century Fox, 1965

09 - The Inspirations - Dry Your Eyes
Jamie, 1962

10 - Wesley Paige & The Master Three - Better Days Are Coming
Rojac, 1966

11 - Jerry Williams - Oh Lord What Are You Doing To Me
previously unreleased, "Swamp Dogg - It's All Good - A Singles Collection 1963-1989" CD, Kent, 2011

12 - Barbara McNair - The Touch Of Time
Motown, 1965

13 - Timi Yuro - I'll Belong to You
"I'm A Star Now: Rarities 1956-1982" CD, RPM, 2014

14 - Rhetta Hughes - What Does One Say
"Starpiece" album, Sutra, 1980

15 - Darrow Fletcher - When Love Calls
Uni, 1970

16 - Clay Brown - Everybody's Talking
Aljon/Florentine, 19??

17 - Joseph Bowman - What Is Love
United, 1975

18 - Sly, Slick & Wicked - Turn On Your Love Lite,
Shaker, 1974

19 - The Dynamics (The Dramatics) - Somewhere
WinGate, 1965

20 - The Artistics - It's Those Little Things That Count
Brunswick, 1972

21 - Morris Jefferson - One More Time
Good Luck, 1980

22 - Benny Gordon - Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got
Wand, 1968

23 - Marcia Griffiths - Groovin'
"Carousel" album, Island/Mango, 1990

24 - Azie Mortimer - (I Get The Feeling) You're Ashamed Of Me
United Artists, 1965

25 - Tammy Levon - Show Me The Way
Nation, 1967

26 - Coffee - Casanova
De-Lite (UK), 1980

27 - Ruby Andrews - Casanova 70,
"Everybody Saw You" album, Zodiac, 1970

28 - The Soul Rush - Night Owl
Custom, 19??

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Tracks Courtesy Of ROSSYBOY
Album Cover Courtesy Of ROSSYBOY

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Midnite Soul Sounds

You know after being on the internet going on almost 16 years I have met quite a few Characters, some I really don't care to have met at all but most I have met through the music especially the people who have the same taste as I do, Like my crew member's & some blog members.
Some have went through heartache as I & some of the crew members did with losing loved ones, Friends and some who have passed on themselves, strangely it still hurts altho we have never met in person but you've known them long enough on line to feel their pain. I just learned one of my on line buds of 15 yrs passed away a couple yrs ago, she was so much fun to share music & chat with I'm gonna miss her. I'm dedicating one of her favorite songs to her on track 22.  RIP Doreen Vasquez aka Ufe2000

 David Scott aka Jazzman I met on line in 1999, I'm so glad we connected here again after losing touch for a few yrs, he had mailed me so much music & for that I'm grateful  :)  Mando aka Smooothgroooves I just met through here on SSS & has left many comments, he also has turned me on to some awesome tunes..It is my pleasure to have met you Mando!  Communication is a big deal here on SSS  it's how we make friends, well to me anyways. They both have left generous comments on everyone's comps for that WE also appreciate it very much...I had a plan to pick up some frequent commenter's to collaborate a few comps with me but this one here was Smooothgroooves idea (GMTA) so we went with it dragging along my bud Jazzman, Hopefully in the future I can do this again with other frequent commenter's!  Thanks to G-MAN for making our awesome cover & for contributing the last track on this comp!  Now I ask that you show some love by leaving a comment...
                         Enjoy, Mando,David & Rose

01. Easy Company - Just With You (DustyRose)

02. The Marvells - Tomorrow (Jazzman)
03. Jerome Luera - Look Over Your Shoulder (SmooothGroooves)
04. Mike James Kirkland - You Put It On My Mind (DustyRose)
05. The Harptones - It's You (Jazzman)
06. Barbara Lynn - Stranger (SmooothGroooves)
07. Herb Johnson - I Found True Love (DustyRose)
08. Live Experience - Bed Time Story (Jazzman)
09. Five Boroughs - Apart (SmooothGroooves)
10. Mumy - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (DustyRose)
11. Manila Machine - Baby I'm For Real (Jazzman)
12.The Monophonics - Say You Love Me  (SmooothGroooves)
13. Fred Parris & New Satins - Didn't I Blow Your Mind (DustyRose)
14. Margie Alexander - It's Worth A Whippin' (Jazzman)
15. Alienz - Stay Together (SmooothGroooves)
16. Ray Goodman & Brown - Ooh Baby Baby (DustyRose)
17. Mystique - Is It Really You (Jazzman)
18. Baby Lloyd - There's Something on Your Mind, Pt. 1 (SmooothGroooves)
19. William Bollinger - Teardrops (DustyRose)
20. Gregg Pitts - Dedicated To You (Jazzman)
21. Echoes - Take My Hand (SmooothGroooves)
22. Brenda & The Tabulations - And My Heart Sang (Tra La La) (Ufe2000)
23. Marsha Hunt - Black Flower (G-Man)

Link Courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Tracks Courtesy of SMOOOTHGROOOVES 1
Album Cover Courtesy Of G-MAN