Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DustyRose's Fairy Tales Vol. 10

Fairy Tales flying through with Vol. 10 Of this series, It took me over 5 months to get this one posted but I did it, Whew !! I hope some of you pick up some new kick back & enjoy! But come on back & let me know.

Big ups to My RossyBoy for making this Fairy my own, without these guys talents my comps would not be possible for me to post, so Gracias (((RB))))

A little 411 on some of these tracks & as always corrections are welcomed

01. Richard Barrett - Fairy Tales (orig demo)
One of the most important figures in 1950s and early-’60s rock & roll to come out of New York, , He was a member of the doowop group "The Valentines"..A singer/songwriter turned producer became an essential part of George Goldner’s Rama, End, and Gone Records operations.
02. Wane Harrell - End Of Time
(Virtue Studio Acetate Unissued)
03. The Egyptians - Can I Believe
04. Tobi Lark - Challenge My Love
1966 - Topper, Born Bessie Grace Gupton in 1941 in Alabama
I know this sounds like another Monique background, well because it is..
05. Carlton Holland & Sinclayrs - Moon Shot
06. Contrast - Show & Tell
1984 - Das Records
07. The Fawns - Is It Too Early
1968 - Caap City Records, This group of Sisters were a very well known group on the East Coast out of Washington D.C.
08. The Appreciations - Far From Your Love
1966 - Jubilee Records 45
09. Tierra - Angel Of My Dream
2008 - From On The Right Track Album
10. Four Grand - Lost Legend
1972 - Long Distance Records
11. Deon Jackson - I Can't Do Without You
1966 - Carla Records
Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jackson largely made his living touring the Chicago cocktail lounge circuit, never fulfilling the enormous creative and commercial promise of his mid-1960s material, although his peak output remains much-adored by aficionados of classic soul.
12. The Combinations - Come Back
Yr Unknown - Kellmac Records
13. Jesse Boone - You Can Depend On That
Soul-Po-Tion 119, From South Georgia, He started
his career as a high school band director, later he began his recording career as well. Much later in his life, he owned a public access television station which was sold by his family two years after his death in 1996 at the age of 62 (PS: I am seeking a copy of Willie & Anthony - "You Can Depend" on the same label)
14. The Moments feat. Mark Greene - I'm On The Outside Looking In
2005 - Fajr records, A native Washingtonian, Greene is the original lead singer for "The Moments", one of the most important Soul groups of all time and was the lead artist for the Stang record label.The Moments were serious contenders for chart spots.
15. The Joyettes - Story Of Love
1956 - Onyx 502
16.The Inclinations - Could This Be Love I Feel
1974 - Janus Records
17. Together - Oh What A Night
Only one band I know by this name & heard them many times perform in Chi Town...Not completly sure but they sound like them...then again I can be wrong.
18. The Charts - Nobody Made You Love Me
1966 - Wand Label, AKA The Thrilltones A DooWop Group from Harlem, New York, their first single was "Deserie" in May 1957
19. Gemini - I Don't Want To Lose You
1981 - M&M Records From their Rising (LP, Album)
20. Trama - If I Ever Do Wrong
1977 - Cat Label, This group featured vocalist Donna Allen, a onetime Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader who would have four top-20 R&B hits in the 1980s.
21. The Fabulous Chimes - Faithful To Me
1964 - Invincible Recording Artists
22. The Indigos - Far Far Away
23. Chain Reaction - I'm Indebted To You
1977 - Gull Label, From the LP Indebted To You
This album wasn't issued in the US but in Germany & France on Gull, in Canada on Phonodisc.
24. Thee Unknown Four - Sad Girl
RPC label - Unknown year,Kinda of a sad version of this song but I like it.This Group was from East LA.
25. The Admirations - Wait Till I Get To Know You
1963 - One-derful Label, From the North Side Of Chicago
Lead singer Kenneth Childs sang in a mournful tenor similar to the Five Stairsteps' Clarence Burke Jr., but not nearly as exciting. When they jumped to One-der-ful Records, they enjoyed their most popular record, "Wait Until I Get to Know You," After a final One-der-ful release issued in 1968 It all ended when One-der-ful folded. Some of their artists signed with Toddlin' Town Records, but the Admirations, needing more drifted from the record business without even as much as eyeballing a royalty check.

Tracks courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Album cover by ROSSYBOY