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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home Grown Chicago Souldiez - Vol. 3

I'm gonna let Mello's original Intro out here but I just wanted to add that since he is having problems entering this blog for responding comments, I'm gonna just let the comments roll till we see enough to release the link...I know I messed up previously when I added this link to another comp so a few of you got a early start, we hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks, ())>--- Rose

Thanks again to RossyBoy for fixing up another Chicago cover for us. Nice Job!!

Now heres my Homie Mello....

We, Rose & I finally return with our annual "Home Grown Souldies" series compilation.
This time though, we welcome our fellow Chicagoan "Chi-Town" for our third installment.
No new comer to the soul scene, he happens to host a Doo-Wop radio show covering
the full gamut of Doo-Wop sounds. If you will, a guru of sorts!

Once again Rose has done all the heavy lifting & delivers in true "Gold Medal" fashion
just like a true olympian champion as usual. Ain't we lucky to have her around!

The three of us hope you enjoy it & also pick up some new rolas from our "Windy-City" connected presentation. We do it for all our familia to enjoy along with love for your continued support.

We do hope to hear what you think of our comp?

Gracias from the three of us!

00. Chicago Old Radio Jingles of WVON (Courtesy Of Chi-Town)
01. Chicago - Happy Man (DustyRose)
1974 - Original Issue Columbia
02. The Chi-Lites - The Sly, The Slick and The Wicked (Mello)
1998 - Copper Sun Records
03. The Masquerades - Fanessa (Chi-Town)
1961 - Boyd Records
04. The Mystics - Bring Back The One I Love (DustyRose)
1964 - Teako
05. The Admirations - My Admiration For You (Mello)
1966 - Paree Records
06. Sugar Pie DeSanto - Ask Me (Chi-Town)
1962 - Checker
07. The Profiles - A Little Misunderstanding (DustyRose)
1969 - Bamboo Records
08. The Fascinations - O.K. For You (Mello)
1968 - Mayfield Records
09. Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens - Won't Someone Tell Me Why (Chi-Town)
1959 - Federal
10. Monique - Please Let Me Stay Awhile (DustyRose)
1976 - Maurci
11. Center Stage - Everyday Is A Fantasy (Mello)
1971 - RCA Records, arranged by Donny Hathaway
12. The Desideros - I Pledge My Love (Chi-Town)
1963 - Renee
13. The Vibrations - So Blue (DustyRose)
1960 - Checker 954
14. Heaven & Earth - If It Was Me (Mello)
1976 - GEC label
15. The El Rays (AKA The Dells)- Darling I Know (Chi-Town)
1954 - Checker #794
16. The Five Stairsteps - You Don't Love Me (DustyRose)
1967 - Windy City label
17. The Knight Brothers - I Really Love You (Mello)
1963 - Checker 1064
18. The Dells - Don't Tell Nobody (Chi-Town)
1961 - Vee-Jay (Unreleased Early)
19. The Ideals - You Lost And I Won (DustyRose)
1965 - Satellite
20. Otis Leavill - To Be Or Not To Be (Mello)
1965 - Blue Rock Records
21. The Ze-Majestics - Bobby Ann (Chi-Town)
1959 - Fox
22. Center Stage - Someday Someway (DustyRose)
1975 - Chess
23. Saborian And The Los - Something Happened To Susie (Mello)
1975 - Karma Records
24. Seaphus Scot & The Five Masqueraders - Nature's Beauty (Chi-Town)
1958 - Joyce

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love So Strong

Jokers Wild is back to lay down some Strong Love Jams, Let's give him a hand for a job well done but 2 fingers to leave a comments, He's requesting 15 or more & the link will become available soon after....Gracias !

1. A Lonely World - Billy & The Hi-Liners
2. Will You Wait - Larry Banks
3. I Can't Get Over You - Eddy Giles
4. She's Already Married - Chuck Bernard
5. You Said - Larry Seibert
6. Just Have To Live With It - Dinah Washington & The Dells
7. False Pride - Lee Harvey
8. Have Fun - Ann Cole
9. Promise Me Love - Edna Echols
10. Your Old Standby - Mary Wells
11. Heartbreak Avenue - Jimmy Dotson
12. The Girl I Love - Chino Feaster
13. Left With A Broken Heart - The Four Tops
14. You're The One For Me - The Edwards Generation
15. Blue Moon - Cornell Campbell
16. Hidin' From Love - Aesops Fable's
17. I Can't Last Much Longer - Betty Harris
18. Don't Let My Love (Be In Vain) - Jimmy Thorpe
19. It's Not That Easy - Rueben Bell & Casanovas
20. Forgive And Forget - The Vibrations
21. You've Got To Hold Me - Johnny Neel & The Shapes Of Soul
22. She's Gone - Billy Hamlin
23. There Must Be Something - Friday,Saturday & Sunday
24. A Teardrop Fell - Chuck Carter
25. If You've Ever Loved Someone - Gloria Parker
26. Thousand Years From Today - The Heartbreaks

Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by JOKERS WILD

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DustyRose's Stardust Melodiez Vol. 4

- New Link Updated 12/26/13 -

Hi there Music lovers, I'm back with a new StarDust Melodiez. I hope there are some DooWop Lovers out there or maybe a few that learned to like them along the way. I compiled a great set here & I think you will enjoy them...I loved your comments on my Vol.1 of "Prisoner Of Love" I really appreciate them a lot so thanks again ! Hopefully you hear some ballads that are new to you & may like.....Thanks!

Big ups to RossyBoy for fixin up another killer cover for me ((((TY RB))))

Here is some 411 on some of these tracks if your interested on some background
(I know I enjoy learning more about these artist) Happy reading!
As always corrections are welcomed, Enjoy!
@>--;-- Rose

01. The James Myers Quinet - Stardust
1985 - Clifton Records
02. The Elgins - Finally
1963 - Lummetone 112, In the '50s and 60s there were several R&B groups who recorded under the name Elgins, This group were from Southern California.
aka The Elements,The Bagdads & The Daniels...With the combination of 2 X members from "The Six Teens" and with name & label changes were created "The Elgins" This was their first release/flip side is "I Lost My Love In The Big City",but accordig to my book it reads as the A side. Barbara Lewis, is heard behind the lead of Darryl Lewis. (no relation) This record was also released on the Lantam label in 1959 by The Daniels, flip of "Big City". actually this track was a flip side twice....

03. The La Rells - I Just Can’t Understand
1961 - Robbee 114, From Homewood (Pittsburgh) They came up with the name to separate themselves from the then-current rage of "bird" groups, like the Flamingos, Penguins, etc., and they liked the sound of La Rells. First they tried to use the name Laurels, but they couldn't get anyone to pronounce it the way they wanted, So came The La Rells. They were the first Pittsburgh group to appear on a rock 'n' roll show at the Civic Arena. On October 20, 1961, they were on the same bill with Fats Domino and Brenda Lee. Leader of the group David Parr received his "Greetings from Uncle Sam" notice and traded in his microphone for an M-16 in March 1964. His departure was the death knell of the La Rells.
04. Danetta & The Starlets - We're Going Steady (You Belong To Me)
1962 - Okeh #7155 aka The Blue-Belles, Members : Liz Walker (Dynetta Boone) Maxine Edwards,Jane Hall,Mickie McKinney and Jeanette Miles, They were formed in Chicago, Illinois in early 1961...they were all 18 and 19 years olds.
05. The Reflections - Because Of You
1962 - Crossroads Records
06. The Kool Gents - I Just Can't Help Myself
1956 - Vee Jay 207
The Kool Gents began life as the Golden Tones, in 1951 at Marshall High School in Chicago. By 1953, however 2 of the members were out and had been replaced by Delecta "Dee" Clark as (lead tenor), Dee spent a lot of time at Radio station WGES, where he met a DJ named Herb Kent (who styled himself "The Kool Gent"). One day Dee brought the Golden Tones in for an audition hoping that Kent would manage them (or at least allow them to call themselves the "Kool Gents"). Kent turned down managing them for lack of time, but said it would be all right if they used his name. (Not a bad move on the part of the Golden Tones) Kent did take time out of his busy schedule to get them an audition with the complete management staff of Vee-Jay. They sang for Vivian Carter (the "Vee"), her husband, Jimmy Bracken (the "Jay"), The result? A contract for the Kool Gents.

07. The Masterettes - Never Ever
1958 - Le Sage 716 Aka the Exciters
With their no-nonsense, street-smart approach, the Exciters ushered in the heyday of the girl group sound via the 1962 classic "Tell Him." Queens, NY, classmates Brenda Reid, Carol Johnson, Lillian Walker, and Sylvia Wilbur formed the group in 1961 when they were all 17 years old. Originally dubbed the Masterettes, paving the way for such tough, sexy acts as the Shangri-Las and the Ronettes.

08. Sybil Love & The Lovenotes - I Love You Darling
1959 - Valex 505
09. The Four Intruders - This Is My Song
1962 A side and 1970 B side as singles on Gowen AKA The Intruders
These guys were originally formed as a doo wop group in 1960, and sang around Philadelphia for several years. Lead singer Sam "Little Sonny" Brown, Eugene "Bird" Daughtry, Phil Terry, and Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards signed with Gamble and Huff's fledgling Gamble label in 1966 but they disbanded in 1975. Eugene Daughtry formed a new lineup in 1984 (without any other original members); they recorded an album titled Who Do You Love? for the UK company Streetwave before disbanding once again. Daughtry passed away in 1994 after a bout with cancer, while Brown unfortunately committed suicide following years of drug and alcohol problems in 1995. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, their music was popular on the West Coast among Latino, specifically Chicano, youth.....The Intruders today include Bobby Starr, Glenn Montgomery and Phil Gay.

10. The Catalinas - Coming On Home
This song was done by the remaining members of The Catalinas(Thank you Lamont for sharing this one with me)
11. The Aladdins - Our Love Will Be
1963 - Witch 111
12. The Originals - A Kiss from Your Lips (Female)
1960 - Brunswick 55171, This was a great female vocal group, (Not Rosie & Originals) This recording was also released as the artist "The Valentinos" with the same label and record number, Same song, Same Artist. (smh) Wish I knew how that came about... I don't get it :(
13. The Mellokings - What Time Is It
This quintet was formed in 1956 at a high school in Mount Vernon, New York,
Originally named the Mellotones, the group was signed to the Herald label then were forced to change its name after the single’s release of "Tonite, Tonite." as another group had already claimed Mellotones. The Mello-Kings were one-hit wonders in the doo wop world, I have no yr & label on this track
14. Mask-Men & The Agents- In My Diary
1965 - Hit Bound 2921
By the time the 60s came around, Maskman & The Agents had already been plugging away since the 1940s as the Cap-Tans with front man Harmon Bethea. The name change reflected Harmon's new gimmick of wearing a Lone Ranger style mask on stage in a desperate bid to get the attention that had long eluded the band.
15. The Delmonicos - You Can Call
1963 - Aku 6318
A really deep ballad. These guys were masters at evoking feelings of being deeply hurt by a loved one through their music. (Didn't they all?)
16. Ami Ortiz & Cliftonaires - I'm So In Love
Though Ami Ortiz isn't a carbon copy of Arlene Smith, her pure, strong voice managed to capture the feel of The Chantels' 1950s records, who joined the group in 1996
17. The Channels - You Said You Loved Me
(Recorded-1956- Rel-1971-Channel 1000) One of New York's Finest Doowop groups 0n the east Coast in the 1950s, there were certain vocal groups that managed to become immensely popular without having national record sales success. The two groups that best fit into that category were the immortal Harptones and the incomparable Channels. Track 26, I included a 2006 version of this song, since I had a hard time choosing
18. Richie & The Renowns - Please Say You Want Me
1963 - Streke 247
19. The Fabulous Pearl Devines - So Lonely
1963 - Alco 16632 , These 5 guys were Latino from Long Island .New York Danny Torres was lead and Diego Torres sang second tenor. They only cut one record in 1963 for the NYC label although they sang regularly at the Bay Shore Roller Rink. Local groups, as well as big stars appeared there every weekend.
20. The Pearls - If I Had A Choice
1962 Warner Bros 5300
21. The Flamingos - Just For A Kick
1956 - Checker 853...Give this track a chance to play through, I love how this ballad turns into a upbeat and then ballad again, maybe you will too, thats if you were/are a Flamingo's Fan :)
22. The Pearlettes - Never Be Another Boy Like You
1961 - Vee-Jay, From Los Angeles, California
The Pearlettes were protegees of Sonny Bono when he was a young ‘music row’ scuffler striving to support a wife and daughter on the thin gruel of one-off production deals made with fly-by-night Los Angeles labels.
23. The El Dorados - Lights Are Low
1958 - Vee Jay 302
They formed in the Englewood section of Chicago's south side in 1952 while still attending Englewood High School. They were calling themselves the Five Stars. Johnny Moore, their high school custodian liked the group so much and thought they showed so much promise, that he became their manager.
24. The Sapphires - Gee I'm Sorry Baby
1965 - ABC-Paramount, A vocal trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
During their early career the group were associated with Kenny Gamble, who arranged their vocals on the groups debut album release, ‘Who Do You Love’.
25. The Soft Breezes - You Can Depend On Me
This is one Badass Accapella Jam, Hope you like it!
26. Earl Lewis & The Channels - You Said You Loved Me (Bonus)


Friday, August 3, 2012

Heartache & Pain

There ain't no stopping this Vato, He's got another killer comp to share with all you music lovers! So let's give Jokers Wild some props & lay down them 15 comments or MORE, so you can soothe them Rola listening ears of yours!!

01. I'm Begging You - Garlon Davis
02. Star Of Love - Tony Allen
03. I Don't Want To Have To Wait - Barbara & The Browns
04. Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild - Jerry Ford
05. I Don't Want To Beg - Shirley Butler
06. Let's Try It Over Again - Jo Jo Coleman
07. Pleading For Your Love - The Four Dots
08. Left Hand In A Right Glove - W B Seymore
09. Most Of All - The Montegos
10. Come On And Love Me - Roy Abernathy
11. Walk On By - The Caprells
12. I Need Your Love (Single Version) - The Impressions
13. Am I A Loser - Eddie Holman
14. Confessin' A Feeling (Live) - Sly, Slick, & Wicked
15. I Want A Girl - The Imaginations
16. Let's Take A Chance - Lisa Richards
17. I Can't Stop - Kenny Wells
18. Love Or A Game - James Brown
19. Hard To Find The Right Girl - Kenny Gamble
20. Tame Me - Al Haskins
21. Sooner Or Later - Four Rivers
22. You Know I Miss You - The Emanons
23. All I Want Is You - Zilla Mayes
24. Go On To Her - Nancy Butts
25. One Girl - The IV Royals
26. I Won't You Love Again - Dimas III & The Royal Jesters
27. My Desire - Jackie Edwards
28. I Want To Love You - Joe Wilson

Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by JOKERS WILD