Sunday, October 21, 2012

DustyRose & RossyBoy's Crossing The Divide

The big pond may keep me far apart from my Chi-town sister Rose, but it does not stop me looking longingly at her music collection and other assets ! It’s been a while, but we finally managed to get back together for another collaboration. We’ve been playing that Double Cross game again – we each send the other six tracks and then come back with another six in response, so the tracks are in pairs. DustyRose is the ideal collaborator for this game as she has such an extensive set of soulful gems, great taste and fantastic knowledge of the genre. So she constantly surprises me with her picks. We hope you get some pleasant surprises here too; there should be some new ones for everyone’s collection. Enjoy !      

01 – Andrea Williams – Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things (DustyRose)
“Eccentric Soul Vol. 9 – The Tragar & Note Labels” 2xCD, Numero, 2008
02 – Judy Clay – Lonely People Do Foolish Things (RossyBoy)
Scepter, 1964
03 – Symphonic Four – Who Do You Think You’re Fooling Part II (RossyBoy)
Zudan, 1968?
04 – Pat Jarvis – Guess Who I’m Fooling (DustyRose)
Select, 1965
05 – Debra – Can You Remember (DustyRose)
Gree-Jack, 19??
06 – Herb Johnson – Remember Me (RossyBoy)
V-Tone, 1961
07 – Bobby Marchan – My Day Is Coming (RossyBoy)
Ace, 1974
08 – Chuck Stanley – Day By Day (DustyRose)
Def Jam, 1987
09 – Doris Troy – Somewhere Along The Way (DustyRose)
“Just One look” album, Atlantic, 1974
10 – The Utopians – Along My Lonely Way (RossyBoy)
Imperial, 1962
11 – Del-Mingos – Goodnight My Love (RossyBoy)
Lomar, 1963
12 – Debra Swisher – Thank You And Goodnight (DustyRose)
Boom, 1966
13 – Dusty Springfield – Am I The Same Girl (DustyRose)
Philips, 1969
14 – Wendy Rene – The Same Guy (RossyBoy)
“After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles & Rarities 1964-65″ CD, Light In The Attic, 2012
15 – William Bell – I’ll Do Anything For Your Love (RossyBoy)
previously unreleased, “Let’s Crossover Again” CD, Kent, 1999
16 – Betty Wright – Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done (DustyRose)
Alston, 1979
17 – Klass Generation – Maybe There’s An Avenue (DustyRose)
“All About Love” CD, BCJ, 2003
18 – Black Blood – Avenue Louise (RossyBoy)
“Chicano” album, Biram, 1975
19 – The Mighty Marvelows – Talkin’ Bout Ya, Baby (RossyBoy)
ABC, 1967
20 – Claudja Barry – Sexy Talking Lover (DustyRose)
“The Girl Most Likely” album, Lollipop, 1977
21 – The New Generation – Natural High (DustyRose)
????, 1989
22 – The Marcels – High On A Hill (RossyBoy)
Queen Bee, 1973
23 – The Chessmen – Ooh Baby Baby (RossyBoy)
“Best of Acappella Vol. 5 ” album, Relic, 1975
24 – Neal Sharpe – Ooh Baby Baby (DustyRose)
“Looking Back II” CD, Tri-City, 2012

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Attention: New Link Updated 
Aztlan Dreamz Vol. 1

Link Updated Courtesy Of DustyRose
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Four Gotten Soul Vol. I

~ New Link Updated 10/17/12 ~

This is Tonka dropping his first solo comp of firme rolas. Trying to mix a little of what you know, with a taste of what you have four gotten. I need 15 comments before the link will be dropped, so let's get to chopping it up so we can start to roll!

01. Four Below Zero - Tell Me (Part 1)
02. Eddie Holman - You're My Lady (Right Or Wrong)
03. General Crook - The Best Years Of My Life
04. J.R. Bailey - Love, Love, Love
05. Continental Four - Loving You (Is The Next Best Thing To Heaven)
06. The Crystals - There's No Other Like My Baby
07. Marie Brown - Oh No, Not My Baby
08. Grant St. Exit - That's Why I Love You
09. Clydie & Sweet Things - Promises
10. Soul Meditations - Someone To Hold Me
11. Lee Eldred - You Saved Me
12. Sly,slick And The Wicked - Tonight's The Nite
13. Gaslight - I'm Gonna Get You
14. Erma Franklin - Light My Fire
15. The Temptations - Since I've Lost You
16. Beverly Noble - Better Off Without You
17. Willy Deville - Just To Walk That Little Girl
18. Peace, Justice & Equality - Of All The Hearts
19. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Ro - Don't Ever Be Lonely (A Poor Little Fool Like Me) 
20. Four Below Zero - Tell Me (Part 2)

 Cover Design By:  G-Man
Tracks Provided By:  Tonka
 Link Provided By: DustyRose
Posted By: DustyRose

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Familia Souldiez Vol.8 - The Trackz Of Our Tearz

You know how it is when a large family tries to get together. Something always gets in the way of the whole crowd managing to get to the party. Maybe work interferes; perhaps someone is away traveling. But, on the other hand, sometimes a prodigal son will turn up unexpectedly. Most of the regulars are here for our six-monthly offering. G Man has dropped another great cover. The autumn barbecue has hamburgers sizzling; there are cold beers and chilled wine. So let's just get this Familia party busting loose ! As always these are the Firmest tunes we can come up with. Let's hope there are new ones here for you and that you appreciate what the krew has brought to the table. I've put a bonus opener in to set the mood. Enjoy ! RossyBoy

01 - The Mighty Diamonds - Tracks Of My Tears (RossyBoy)
"Ice On Fire" album, CBS, 1977
02 - The Motiques - Ohh Baby Baby (BillyMac)
unreleased Barclay, 1968?
03 - Minority Band - When You're Crying (DustyRose)
"Journey To The Shore"album, JSR Records, 1980
04 - Don Hart & James Shorter - I Shed A Tear (East LA Guy)
La Beat, 1966
05 - The Dells - Dry Your Eyes (Mello) 
Vee-Jay, 1958
06 - The Temprees - Out Of My Reach (MzO)
"Dedicated To The One I Love" album (previously unreleased), Stax, 1994
07 - The Tymes - Hello Young Lovers (Macabre)
"So Much In Love" album, Parkway, 1963
08 - The Vibrations - When Will My Turn Come (Mr Joker 760)
North Bay, 1973
09 - 3 Steps To Heaven - My Little Girl (The Duke Of Soul)
Power-House, 196?
10 - Small Society - Just Loving You (G Man)
Caddie, 1973
11 - John Williams & The Tick Tocks - Blues, Tears and Sorrow (RossyBoy)
Sansu, 1967 
12 - The Del-Chords (later as The Magnificent Men) - Daddy's Lonely Baby (BillyMac)
unreleased Impala, 1964
13 - Wanda Burt & The Crescendos - Your True Love Is Standing By (DustyRose)
Music City, 1961
14 - Mary Holmes - After I Shed A Tear (East LA Guy)
Nassau, 1966
15 - Bobby Bland - Cry Cry Cry (Mello) 
Duke, 1960
16 - Sonny Fisher - Hurtin' (MzO)
"Soul Pack From Houston, Texas Vol. 3" album, Columbia (Japan), 1978
17 - Tommy McLain - I Thought I'd Never Fall In Love Again (Macabre)
"Sweet Dreams" album, Ace, 1990
18 - Skip Jackson & The Shantons - Promise That You'll Wait (Mr Joker 760)
Dot-Mar, 1969
19 - Gene Chandler - My Love (The Duke Of Soul)
Brunswick, 1967
20 - The Delights - Listen To Me Girl (G Man)
unreleased, "Love Songs From Yesterday" album, Emandolynn Music, 2011
21 - Charles Drain - Is This Really Love (RossyBoy)
RCA Victor, 1975

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

EastSide Envy Vol. 3

This Killer Comp has been a long time in the making....over a year since the original cover was layed out.....but we're back with Volume Three of the EASTSIDE ENVY SERIES.....brought 2 U by myself and The EastSide Collector SOLOE. This Bad-Boy has it all.......Souldies, Uptempo Soul and Doo-Wop. In additon we have a new intro track to keep in step with the previous volumes. This intro is a combination Willie Hutch and the movie Boulevard Nights. Volume Three of this series also includes an alternate cover thatz been slipped into the link for everyone to check out.  

Now get ready to put your Ride on Glide and slip n dip 2 these Supreme Oldiez soundz.....straight O.G. Style.


1. Boulevard Nights Intro
2. Don’t Leave Me Baby - The Dell-Tones
3. You’ve Been Gone So Long - The Tomangoes
4. All Aboard - Johnny Flamingo
5. I Love You For All Seasons - Bloodstone
6. Colour My World - Joey Pastrana
7. I Just Fell For You - The Royal Jesters
8. The Boy & The Girl - Porgy & The Monarchs
9. Beware Of The Stranger - The Hypnotics
10. Gimmie Your Love - The C.O.D’s
11. Ask My Heart - Eddie Billups
12. I Love You - The Volumes
13. Ease It To Me - Shirlean Williams & The Tempo’s Band
14. Turn Out The Lights - Otis Jackson & The Compromise
15. The Pusher - Final Decisions
16. The Letter - The Illusions
17. I Promise - The Memories
18. Day & Night - Bobby & Jimmy
19. You Came Along & Changed My Whole Life - Frank Tenella
20. Your Touch - Yvonne Vernee

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of SOLOE
Tracks courtesy of SOLOE & G MAN
Album cover courtesy of G MAN

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 10 - Philly Flavors

The Veteranos have thrown away their zimmer frames and are struttin' their stuff once more! We're continuing our Soul Tour of U.S. cities, after our summer break, with the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. We define Philly Soul as tracks performed by an artist who was born in the city or recorded in the city. No shortage of candidates for Philly then, with its fabulous soul heritage! As usual, these are our favorite tracks so you'll find plenty of familiar sounds for a trip down nostalgia lane. But you may well find something a bit more unusual for your collection too. Since we're label guys anyway, we've included some extra info on each track this time round, since that's the kind of stuff we swap among ourselves anyway. That's the legendary 60's Philly DJ Sonny "The Mighty Burner" Hopson on the cover. And I can't help but question whether Sharon Paige ever sounded as sensual as she does on track #14 ?? This ol' veterano just drools over such music! Enjoy, and and let us know what you think so we can be stimulated for further exertions. RossyBoy for The Veteranos

Track list:

01 - The Soulsville All Stars - Won't You Please Be My Girl (BillyMac)

Soulville, 1968

02 - The Delfonics - Start All Over Again (Mello)

Philly Groove, 1974
03 - O'Jays - You're The Best Thing Since Candy (East LA Guy)

Neptune, 1969

04 - Debbie Taylor - Just Don't Pay (RossyBoy)

Arista, 1975

05 - The Ambassadors - Too Young For Me (BillyMac)

Fleet, 1965

06 - The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again (Mello)

TSOP, 1980

07 - The Intruders - Devil With An Angel's Smile (East LA Guy)

Gamble, 1966

08 - The Sapphires - Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) (RossyBoy)

Swan, 1964

09 - Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - Don't Leave Me Baby (BillyMac)

Jay Walking, 1972

10 - Patti LaBelle - Love, Need & Want You (Mello)

Philadelphia International, 1983

11 - Bunny Sigler - Picture Us (East LA Guy)

Philadelphia International, 1974

12 - Eddie Holman & The Larks - Been So Long (RossyBoy)

"Sweet Memories" album, Universal Love, 1967

13 - The Mastermen - Why Do You Treat Me So Bad (BillyMac)

Jay Walking, 1970

14 - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good (Mello)

Philadelphia International, 1975

15 - Blue Magic - Look Me Up (East LA Guy)

Atco, 1973

16 - Ronnie Dyson - Cup (Runneth Over) (RossyBoy)

Columbia, 1975

17 - Georgie Wilson - Here Stands the Man Who Needs You (BillyMac)

Black Circle, 1971

18 - The Ebonys - It's Forever  (Mello)

Philadelphia International, 1973

19 - Love Committee - One Dozen Roses (East LA Guy)

Golden Fleece, 1974

20 - Al Johnson & Jean Carn - I'm Back For More (RossyBoy)

Columbia, 1980

21 - The Tranells - Come On And Tell Me (BillyMac)

Chelton, 1964

22 - The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again (Mello)

 Philadelphia International, 1973

23 - Trammps - Hold Back The Night (East LA Guy)

Buddah, 1975

24 - McFadden & Whitehead - Aint No Stoppin Us Now (Philadelphia Eagles Version) (RossyBoy)

TSOP, 1979

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Cover courtesy of ROSSYBOY