Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SouthSide Souldiez Chapter One

*Attention: New Link updated 02/20/12*

Damn.....This Bad-Boy is finally done! Top of the list I gotta give a big shout out to the big bad homie JOKERS WILD for putting in work and coming up with a firme order of songs for the track list and getting down and producing the actual link. Just as important I want 2 throw a big thank U out there 2 ROSSYBOY, P-STYLZE & DUSTYROSE for helping me round up all the missing tracks I needed.

This album is a dedication to all the listeners at SOUTH SIDE SOULDIEZ for their continued support!

Another big thank U goes out to all the familia that contributed on this one:

Everybody....please take a listen to this dynamite project and leave a little feedback in the comment section with your feelings on this album!

~ G MAN ~

01 There Must Be Something [DANNY TATTOO]- Friday, Saturday, Sunday
02 What Am I Gonna Do [P-STYLZE]- Houston Outlawz
03 What Do I Mean To You [GARY JOHNS]- Rosie & The Rosebuds
04 Here I Go Again [JOKERS WILD]- Ruby Johnson
05 It's Okay With Me [ANONYMOUS]- Broadway Express
06 Have A Happy Day [TORRESEDDIE75]- James Brown
07 I Love You For All Seasons [P-STYLZE]- East Of Underground
08 Baby (I Love You) [ROSSYBOY]- Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans
09 Man From The Sky [COCHITO-TJ664]- Carlos Wright
10 Loving You [ERIC]- Liquid Fire
11 Girl Of My Dreams [AMOSPOP]- Robert & Bobby
12 Love (Your Pain Goes Deep) [ANONYMOUS]- Frankie Beverly & The Butlers
13 Who Do You Love [DUSTYROSE]- The Springers
14 Strangers In Dark Corners [TOKERLOC]- Tavares
15 Be My Girl [VALLERO]- The Dramatics
16 Dreamtime [GARY JOHNS]- Rosie & The Rosebuds
17 Now That I Have You [MAX]- Tommy Mcghee
18 At Times Like This [TOKERLOC]- The Originals.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Los Angeles Harbor Area Underground Soul Rolas Vol. 1

* Attention: New link updated 01/31/12 *

Got somethin' special 2day to start off your Sunday afternoon groove......Los Angeles Harbor Area Underground Soul Rolas. This is an off and on again project thatz lingered in the background for countless weeks but itz finally here in itz full glory. This is a special oldiez dedication to the Los Angeles Harbor Area. To make this project official I just had to enlist the one and only Harbor Area Soulera and the homie Jokers Wild. So introduce this groove project to your Sunday afternoon and see if it can make that perfect fit. If you're feelin' any love for this album please holler back and just maybe it can inspire a volume two.

An extra special thanx goes out 2 the homeboy Jokers Wild for his link work on this project and another thanx 2 Danny Tattoo for his additional contribution of artwork.

If you're in Cali & need a tattoo holler at Danny Tattoo here:

1. Mr. Heartache & Ms. Tears...The Fuzz
2. Wishes...T.A.C. Movement
3. I Need You Like A Baby...Andrea Henry
4. King Of The World...Billy Jones
5. You'll Never Get Your Hooks In My Man...Denise LaSalle
6. Still Thinking Of You...Steve Parks
7. Can't Buy Love With Money...Higgins & Wiggins
8. I'll Always Love You...Lyde, Fisher & Giles
9. Falling In Love With You...The Impressions
10. Woe Woe...The Sparks
11. Cry Baby...Al Hudson
12. Don't Go Away...The Af-Tabs
13. These Memories...Almeta Lattimore
14. I'll Always Love You...The Thompsons
15. Help My Love...Junior McCants
16. Sunshine Lady...Willie Hutch
17. Hold Me Oh My Darling...Tammi Terrell
18. When I'm With You...The Four Thoughts

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Additional artwork by DANNY TATTOO
Cover by G MAN


Friday, June 17, 2011

DustyRose's Fairytales Vol. 9

Well this is Vol. 9 of Fairy Tales flying your way, I hope that you enjoy this one as much as the past Vol's but I would only know if you did by posting your comments & showing me that the work I put into these are worth my time...so get it , listen to it & come back afterwards...I hope you all Enjoy!

Big props to RossyBoy for dressing up another fantastic cover for me ....

Here some 411 on some of these tracks...
Corrections are always welcomed, Enjoy !

01. Cody Black - Stranger Than A Fairy Tale
1961 - Pamela, born in Cincinnati

02. Special Delivery - Straight From The Heart
Originally called Act 1, the group Special Delivery was a rotating bunch of Washington D.C.-based singers that had a brief moment in the spotlight in 1976.

03. The Decisions - It's Love That Really Counts
1972 - Sussex 214

04. Johnny Angel & The Halos - I Don't Have To Shop Around
no yr - Felsted, From Pittsburg, They not only perform the music of the fifties, sixties and seventies but have performed with many of the greats from that time period. They have worked with many SOUL greats...

05. The Intentions - My Love She's Gone
1967 - Kent

06. The President's Council - I Don't Want To Lose You

07. Mystic - That's The Kind Of Love
1985 (Remake)
I just had to add this great rola re-done by Mr. Mystic Rudy Negron who passed away recenty, may he rest in peace, This from A Rare 1985 album "Back From The Past" from this Chicago group....He named the Album Mystic because he was the last member of the original group...This track is the long version (over 5 min long)

08. The Bob Knight Four - Two Friends
1963 - Jubilee They were one of thousands of doo wop groups whose sounds illuminated the street corners, teen clubs, and local dances of New York and dozens of other American cities from the late '50s through the mid-'60s

09. Otis Jackson & The Compromisers - Turn Out The Light
C & F Records.... .
I think Jackson may be the originator of this joint since he passed away in 1970 here in ChiTown, if so it was also covered by The Captions which was on my FairyTales Vol. 4

10. The Four Gents - Young Girls Beware
1972 - Encore Records, They were the original line-up of Philadelphia soul group The Delfonics, with William and Wilbert Hart, Randy Cain and Ritchie Daniels. Formed in 1965, they were reduced to a trio when Daniels left for the service in 1968.

11. The Thoughts - Plain As The Nose On Your Face
1972 - S.S.S. 100 Label

12. Chris Hills - If You Were Mine
1971 - Embryo, He was the drumer of The "Players' Association" a disco/funk/soul in the 70's band (they covered The Trammps Disco Inferno)

13. Dottie & Millie - Nothing In The World
1964 - Topper, from Detroit with Chicago Connections
Dottie Haynes & Millie Weaver aka The Cooperettes
it sounds like this music was taken right off , Monique - Never Let Me Go/
"If You Love Me" on Maurci label...another backing track that originated in Detroit but somehow ended up on a Chicago label too. It definatly is the same band! I saw MONIQUE 45 sold for $648.88 after 23 bids dayyymmmm!
Dottie & Millie only asking $250.00, whats up with that? :)

14. Chain Reaction - Never Lose Never Win
1977 - Ariola America Records on Gull label
These Jamaican local stars have had a great career with their band or solo career.
In 1977, they decided to surf together on the disco boogie wave & released their only LP "Indebted To You"

15. Smoke - I'm So Glad You Came Along
1976 - Arco

16. Pure Gold - Have A Good Time
From Pittsburgh this group doo-wops their way through the decades, performing material from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, as well as a blend of blues, standards & original material to highlight their unique talents and range.

17. Intensive Heat - Keep An Eye On Your Close Friend
1982 - Soulmate Label

18. The Duponts - If You Do Love Me
1968? - Madison Records
These Duponts were a studio comedy-novelty act responsible for “ (Duponts - Screamin' At Dracula's Ball)),” a precursor to “The Monster Mash” they failed to find a big audience, despite some clever lyrics and a catchy hook or two, and the Duponts were lost to the world. Madison Records was later, itself, a forerunner of the Bell Records label.

19. Jimmy & The Soul Blazers - What Are You Gonna Do When I'm Gone
2002 - From Ohio. Since 1966 they have played for audiences across the East Coast and Midwest of the United States.

20. Little Ann - What Should I Do
7" Single On Kent, un-issued on Topper

21. Frank Hooker & Positive People - Looking For My Number One Love
1979 - Panorama Records

22. Michael Lizzmore - Promise That You’ll Wait
1972 - Capitol AKA "Blase" Lizzmore ( cover of Skip Jackson & The Shantons 1969's original) He left his family & friends in Jacksonville, Florida at the tender age of 17 to New York to pursue his life long dream as a recording artist/entertainer. influenced by Jackie Wilson he entered and won first prize at the world famous Apollo Theater 4 weeks in a row.

23. The Caprells - I Believe In The Stars
196? - Bano Label

24 - Hitchhikers - My Baby's Gone
1976 -ABC, From Conneticut

25. Maria & The Autums - Departed

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Cover by RossyBoy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soul Mate Oldies

Here's a special dedication from the Old Gringo.....better known to us as Mello Capone by way of the Windy City......with a special delivery to that special couple.

Track List:
01. Eddie Floyd - I'm So Glad I Met You [Stax '74]
02. Magnum Force - Share My Love [Kelli-Arts '82]
03. Sonny Charles & The Checkmates Ltd. - Black Pearl [A&M '69]
04. The Spinners - Just As Long As We Have Love [Atlantic '75]
05. 7th Wonder - We Are So In Love [Parachute '78]
06. Betty Wright - Thank You For The Many Things You've Done[Alston79]
07. Chris Bartley - The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven [Vando '67]
08. The Deele - Two Occasions [Solar '87]
09. Jimmy Briscoe & The Little Beavers - My Ebony Princess[Phi-Kappa74]
10. The Independents - The First Time We Met [Wand '73]
11. The Tymes - So Much In Love [Parkway '63]
12. Mary Wells - Everlovin' Boy [20th Century '65]
13. Curtis Mayfield - So In Love [Curtom '75]
14. Randy Brown - I Love You Baby [Parachute '78]
15. The Four Thoughts - When I'm With You [Womar '68]
16. Leroy Hutson - Heaven Right Here (On Earth) [Curtom '78]
17. Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming [Atlantic '72]
18. Johnnie Taylor - I'm So Proud [Beverly Glen Music '82]

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Cover by MELLO

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rare Bomb Oldiez Vol. 4

Rollin' solo once again with Volume Four of Rare Bomb Oldiez.....so hop in the ride....cut tha windoz down and catch that rare oldiez vibe flooding the streetz!

1. Baby I'm Yours...The Olympics
2. You're My World...Soul Brothers Six
3. Cry No More...The C.O.D.'s
4. Who's Lips You Been Kissing...Soul Experience
5. ?...The Questions
6. Give Me Some Sugar...Duke Turner
7. Down By The River...Purple Snow
8. Anything I Would Do For You...Rainy Days
9. She Went Away...Natural Impulse
10. Baby, Baby, Baby Love...The Volunteers
11. I Gotcha (Where I Want You)...Theatrics
12. I Just Can't Stand It...The Ultimates
13. Now I Know...Final Chapter
14. I'm Gonna Live Up To What She Thinks...The Fantastic Four
15. We Can Make It Together...Fully Guaranteed
16. I Found It All In You...The Trey J's
17. Ain't Got No Problems...Sunday
18. We Did It Baby...General Lee & The Space Army Band

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aztlan Dreamz

All right everybody-body. The big time Cali soul collector P-STYLZE just came thru and dropped off new links for his Aztlan Dreamz collection. I know a few of you have commented asking for new links so now they are here! Make sure you leave a little love in the comment section after you download these firme volumes......we want to make sure that we can possibly get some of his new work in the future so by showing a little appreciate we can definitely increase our chances in that department.


You can access the work here:


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


All right 4 all of you homeboyz and homegirlz who have been having a hard time posting comments because they don't have the specific profile 2 do it....I've just made it easier for ya. I've set up the site to accept anonymous commentz now. Feel free to use this profile if you don't have a google profile or one of the otherz available......but please leave your name so I can know who you are. Here are the new simple instructions:

1. Click on comments (of the post you want to comment on)
2. Type your comment
3. Choose anonymous as your profile
4. Click on post comment

Thatz it.....simple enough.....please leave a little luv 2 inspire me to keep this thing going!