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Soul Sistahs Volume One

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DustyRose's Stardust Melodiez Vol. 5

Hello DooWop Lovers out there,This is Volume 5 Of My Stardust Melodiez Series..I hope you can find some sweet ballads in this set, This one was ready to go but took me a little longer than I expected to post but I now present to you some of my favorite DooWops that I'm almost sure you will like, Just send me your correct e-mail with a small comment showing me your appreciation and I will get that password out to those who are interested asap,  Thanks!

Some 411 on a few of these tracks, as always corrections are welcome!

Sending out a BIG thank you to RossyBoy for this very interesting cover!

                                              Enjoy!  @-}--- Rose

01. The Capris - Stardust
1999- Ambient Sound

02. The Elgins - Here In Your Arms
1964  Congress sub of Kapp records

03. The Admirations - The Lonely Street
1967  -  Brunswick, Everytime I hear this song I wanna jump up, stomp my feet & do a flamenco dance! I guess I'm safe to say this is The Brooklyn Doo-Wop group, not The Admirations of Chicago’s North Side,  My guess is this white doowop group must of crossed over to soul in the mid 60's

04. The Tunemasters - Miracle Of Love
 1959 (Unreleased)

05. The Roberson Brothers - Wishing
1962  -  Verl label   also pressed on The Three Rivers label as Walt, Percy and The Tracers - Wishing in 1961

06. The Starlets - My Last Cry
 1961 - Pam Label, These Starlets were an American girl group from Chicago, Illinois. The group came together in 1961, and auditioned for a Chicago songwriter, Bernice Williams. The group then toured with Jackie Wilson, Mary Wells, and Gladys Knight & the Pips. Their group's follow-up single, "My Last Cry", was less successful. They then moved to Okeh Records, releasing one single, 1962's "You Belong to Me", and broke up shortly thereafter. There was another group known as The Starlets aka The Angels aka Angie & The Chicklettes from (Orange, New Jersey)

07. The Vocaleers - The Night Is Quiet
1960 -  Vest   AKA The Rainbows
The Vocaleers had one of the more unusual sounds of the early 1950s. While only one of their records made the national charts, they were consistent hit-makers in New York and other local areas. In recognition of the Vocaleers' contributions to R&B music, in April 1996 they were inducted into the UGHA Hall Of Fame.

08. The Mood Makers - Dream A Dream
1961  -  Bambi
aka The  Five Delights aka The Watusi Warriors from New York 

09. Ruth Fadden & The Supremes-Darling, Listen To The Words Of This Song
1956   -  Old Town

10. The Peppermints - My First Love
1966  -  Ruby-Doo

11. Mickey Toliver & The Capitols - Little Things
1958  - Gateway 721

12. The Dolls – Please Come Home
1959  -  Okeh

13. Pure Gold The Group - Life Is But A Dream
2008  -  Collectables Label
Pure Gold doo-wops their way through the decades, performing material from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, as well as a blend of blues, standards and original material to highlight their unique talents and range. 

14. Bill Baker's Satins - Story Untold
1987  -  DelCam Records 
Originally from New Haven, Connecticut,in the mid 50's. Bill Baker was a past member of this singing group, there was alot of reorganizing of members,labels & lead singers. The group would be briefly known as "Fred Parris and the Scarlets", then they reverted to the Five Satins name but had little success on the charts. The Baker-led group split up so Bill Baker started his own Five Satins group in 1981,   In 2003, the Five Satins were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and still active. Bill Baker died in 1994

15. Linda & The Del Rios - I Don't Want To Be Loved
1962  -  Cracker Jack #4005

16. The Citations - It Hurts Me
1961  -  Don El

17. The Chantels - Prayee
1959  -  End

18. The Pentagons - Until Then
1962  -  on Caldwell 411- on Jamie 1210 1961

19. The Vel-Tones - I Need You So 
1960  - Zara 901

20. Jack & Jill - Just As You Are
1964   -  Maxx 330
The vocals of Van McCoy and Kendra Spotswood, AKA Kenni Woods. During 1961, McCoy met Kendra (aka. Sandi Sheldon) to whom he became engaged. For the next five years, they sang and recorded music together professionally. They also recorded under the names of The Pacettes, Fantastic Vantastics & The Vonettes..Van and Kendra sounded so alike that sometimes it wasn't easy to tell who was singing what,Their relationship ended when McCoy delayed their wedding plans, because of a work contract he had signed with Columbia Records..McCoy died from a heart attack in Englewood, New Jersey, on July 6, 1979, at the age of 39

21. Arthur Lee Maye & The Five Crowns - Truly
1955  -  RPM 424
Born: Dec 11, 1934 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama...
Arthur Lee Maye occupied a unique place in the history of doo-wop. Besides being a great lead singer who recorded with various groups for over a dozen labels, he was also a professional baseball player who spent thirteen years in the majors. He died on July 17, 2002

22. The Invictors - This Thing Called Love
1962  -  TPE 8217

23. The Ronettes - When I Saw You
1964  -  Philles, Formed in the Washington Heights/Spanish Harlem area of New York City... Sisters Veronica (aka Ronnie) and Estelle Bennett and their cousin Nedra Talley first started harmonizing together as teenagers in 1959, Disbanded in 1966.

24. Johnny Jack - Oh What a Way to Be Loved
1964  -  Masterdon  100

25. The Baby Dolls - There You Are
1968  -  Gamble Label  

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Tracks courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Link courtesy of DUSTYROSE
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Lost Angels Souldies - Vol.10

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Another bad ass comp that some of you have but most don't, This was posted back last year around the August or September but I just got around to putting it up on SSS, 
Oh yeah, did I mention comments will be appreciated by...
 P-Stylze,UpInSmoke,MzO & Mello? don't be shy, let's show them some love!

With that being said,  take it away P!                                                         DustyRose

Q-Vole SSS,
Hers is Vol.10 of this sweet series of rolas from a few of our members ,This time in our ride  we have our homeboy making his debut on Lost Angels UpInSmoke...Right away I think of Cheech & Chong..(damn they were hella funny)We also have our east coast Homegirl MzO who is always ready to come thru with some sweet cutz for our cruz thru the valley of Cali...Of course the homie Mello is riding shotgun cause that's how we get in all I hope you like this comp cause they are fun putting together with the FAMILIA..  All we ask is to take a couple minutes to let us know if you like it good or bad...ENJOY!!!!!!    P-Stylze

01. The Moonglows - You've Chosen Me (Up In Smoke)
02. Black Ivory - Win At Love (MzO)
03. Aretha Frankin - Angel (Mello)
04. Gonzalez Band - Crystal Blue Persuasion (P-Stylze)
05. Gladys Knight -  It's Time To Go Now (Up In Smoke)
06. By All Means - I'd Rather Be Lonely (MzO)
07. The Manhattens - Follow Your Heart (Mello)
08. The Circulations - Tell Me (P-Stylze)
09. Players - Piece Of Mind (Up In Smoke)
10. Floyd Taylor - Caught Between Two Hearts (MzO)
11. Teddy Pendergrass - I Want My Baby Back (Mello)
12. Herb Johnson - Tell Me So (P-Stylze)
13. Ivory Joe Hunter -  Since I Met You Baby (Up In Smoke)
14. David Ruffin - Mountain Of Memories (MzO)
15. The Delfonics - I'm Sorry (Mello)
16. C.L. And The Pictures - I'm Sorry (P-Stylze)
17. Archie Bell And The Drells - Loves Gonna Rain On You (Up In Smoke)
18. Can You Remember - Jackson 5 (P-Stylze)
19. Black Ivory - You & I (Mello)
20. Black Satin & Fred Parris - How I Wish We Could Do It Again (P-Stylze)
21. Barbara Greene & The Dells - Young Boy (P-Stylze)

                                 Intro by: P-STYLZE
                                 Post by: DUSTYROSE
                                Link by: DUSTYROSE
            Tracks courtesy of: P-STYLZE, UpInSmoke, MzO, MELLO
                               Album covers by: P-STYLZE