Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Familia Souldiez - Vol.42 Shadow Of A Memory

I am up to bat for Vol. 42 & I hope you all enjoy it enough to leave us a comment to let us know!  If not, shame on you! :(
I'm gonna say it again, When someone (like us) hands you something for free at least have the curtesy & common sence to say Thank you!

I want to thank the Crew that sent in their tracks, I enjoyed the listen....Thanks to G-Man for the fantastic cover..He knows how I like it, also for his track !  :)

 Enjoy!   ())>--- Rose

01. Barbara Lynn - What Now (RossyBoy)
ITP - 1996
02. Minnie Jones & The Minuettes - Shadow Of A Memory (DustyRose)
1970 - Sugar 
03. The Impressions - Moonlight Shadows (Chi-Town)
1968 - From the "We're A Winner" LP, ABC 635 (mono)/ABCS 635 (stereo), 
04. Ricky Davila & The Laveers - The Day I Found You(EastLAGuy)
1960's - Teens Choice 
05. Monotones  - Soft Shadows (UpInSmoke)
1958 - Argo 
06. The Right Kind - Why Do You Have To Lie (BillyMac)
1967 - Galaxy
07. Herman George - It Breaks Me Up Inside (CanoMan)
No yr - Nimrod 903
08. Conj. Musical de Tamaulipas - No Se Comos Piensas Tu (The One Who's Hurting Is You) (RossyBoy)
no yr  - Capri
09. Experience Unlimited - You Got To Tell Me (How To Love You)(DustyRose)
1977 - Gaynote 
10. Percy Wiggins - Book Of Memories (Chi-Town)
1967 - ATCO 45-6479
11. Sandra Stephens - If You Really Love Me (EastLAGuy)
1964 - (JaWes_issue Daran)
12. The Seniors - Evening Shadows Falling (UpInSmoke)
1956 - Tetra 
13. Bennie Scott - One More Time (BillyMac)
1970 - Brunswick
14. The Opals - You Can't Hurt Me No More (CanoMan)
1964 - Okeh 7202
15. Stanley Brown & His Majestics - Tears On My Pillow (RossyBoy)
1958 - Coast To Coast 
16. Sly, Slick & Wicked - I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser (DustyRose)
17. Eddie And Ernie - Hiding In Shadows (Chi-Town)
1971 - Buddah BDA 250
18. Pat Stallworth - Questions Pt 1 (EastLAGuy)
(Fly-By-Nite #4021-24)
19. Barbara Lewis - The Shadow Of Your Smile (UpInSmoke)
1966 - Atlantic LP Magic
20. Margaret Mandolph - I Wanna Make You Happy (BillyMac)
1965 - Planetary
21. The Soul Commanders - Just A Little More Love (CanoMan)
1967 - Lifetime #1046
22. Rumer & Daryl Hall - Be Thankful For What You Got (G-Man)
2012 (Unissued) 


  1. Man, Its true! Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to something so rare like this and that only you guys hold this down. Gracias a la Familia

  2. Ciao Rose,
    Hope all is ok over there.
    Grazie mille for this outstanding compilation.
    Greetz from Belgium.


  3. Gracias a todos los que hacen esto posible y regalarnos esta gran colección espero siga esta colección de familia

  4. Yo thank you for putting this music up, as a crate digger, I know how hard it is to collect and organize all your music. Gracias! This music is hella firme!

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  6. Thank you very much ...Just what I needed

  7. Thank you for this post. I know it must be hard to continually look for rare material. Your view of this site is beautiful. I certainly look forward to checking out the artistry involved. Gracias por todo! South Side Souldiez keep going. Thank you.

  8. Thank You So Much Ke Vivan Las Soludies

  9. Orale gracias 2 all the crew for another firme comp!
    But this time I was amazed by this particular rolita a real tough one to find by conjunto tamaulipas- on Capri label very rare Spanish cover indeed....

  10. On behalf of the crew, We appreciate your all comments and your feedback it is very important to us. Thank you to those who took the time! To the other 100 downloaders SMDH :(

  11. thank you for this comp i really do appreciate all the work you guys do thanks again!

  12. Great collection of music! Thanks to all who were part of putting this awesome comp together.

  13. Fantastic compilation, como siempre, thanks

  14. Yall guys make this place a crate digger's goldmine due to your efforts. If nobody tells you thank you, know this I say this from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For he emails, for the uploads and for the love. Salud fam!!!