Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Never posted on SSS, Please show P-Stylze some love,
Enjoy! @>--;-- Rose

01. Mayer Hawthorne - You're Not Ready 
02. E.G. Taylor & The Sounds Of Soul - Pick Yourself Up 
03. Robert Taylor - Time Keeps Ticking 
04. California Girls - Your Love Puzzles Me
05. Gin & The Gents - Teenage National Anthem Boy And Girl 
06. Blue Magic - Guess Who 
07. Jimmy Tate - Please Come Back 
08. MVP - Where Are You Tonight
09. LaCleve Milon - Your Love 
10. Attractions - I Forgot 
11. Mike & The Censations - Your Living A Lie 
12. San Francisco Tko's - Make Up Your Mind 
13. Cynthia & The Imaginations - There's Something The Matter With Your Heart 
14. Apple And The 3 Oranges - Tru Love Will Never Die 
15. Carl Carlton - Don't Walk Away 
16. Jan Bradley -  I'm Over You 
17. Magnificent 7 - Ooh Baby Baby 
18. The Compacts - Call Her 
19. Dawn & Sunset - Include Me 
20. Florida  Spiritualaires - I Remember When 
21. Mary Wells - Keep Me In Suspense 


  1. Ciao my friends,
    This is really a fabulous upload.
    Respect !!!!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Greetz from Belgium.


  2. Heyyy ROzey Ro,
    Once more thank you for your provisions and thank you for coming through with some sample-worthy bites.
    I noticed that California Girls - Your love puzzles me and I being a fanatic of the CHRISTIAN faith can't help but think of my LORD and SAVIOUR. I hope to flip that to a wonderful jam for my LORD.
    Thank you Rose. May GOD always be with you. Salud!!

  3. Gracias P & Rose for the firme kickdown. Good one !

  4. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you,Thank you

  5. Gracias P-Stylze for letting the gente get ahold of this. One of these dayz i'll collect the whole series. 7 gracias also to DustyRose for posting it. Great comp series.

  6. Gracias P this series is firme and gracias DustyRose for posting this comp well appreciated to the both of you

  7. Thank you very much guys for this I barely found this blog I hope u guys continue to make beautiful comps plus if you guys need graphic let me know here is my email also ok it's ernierivas187@gmail.com

  8. Thank you very much