Saturday, May 7, 2016

Familia Souldiez - Vol.39 Bring Back The Memories

This volume has been delayed due to technical difficulties on my end and
I apologize for that. Now that it's posted, I would like everyone to enjoy it to the fullest.
I thank the contributors that were able to make it & look forward to future input from those that were unable.
Much thanks to G-Man for the killer cover ! Mello

01. The Bagdads - Bring Back The Doo-Wops
    Double Shot, 1968 (CanoMan)
02. Sunny & The Sunglows - Just A Moment
    Kool, 1960 (East LA Guy)
03. The Mighty Marvellows - You're Breaking My Heart
    ABC, 1969 (BillyMac)
04. Ray & The Blue Satins - Thank You For The Memories
    ARV International, 1967 (DustyRose)
05. Decoys - Memories
    Aljon, 1963 (Chi-Town)
06. The Truth Inc. - Waiting For Your Love
    Hit and Run, 1973 (RossyBoy)
07. Willie Tee - My Heart Remembers
    Nola, 1966 (Mello)
08. The Mamselles - It Won't Take Much To Bring Me Back
    ABC, 1968 (CanoMan)
09. Gene Anderson - Tell Me That You Love Me
    Nu-Tone, 1965 (East LA Guy)
10. The Decisions - Do You Love Me?
    Sussex, 1972 (BillyMac)
11. Soul Walkers - Never Say You Don't Have It
    Cardinal Avalon, 1970 (DustyRose)
12. Ty Hunter - Memories
    Check Mate, 1961 (Chi-Town)
13. The Majorlettes - There Ain't Enough Time
    Mercury, 196? (RossyBoy)
14. The Invaders - O Lord
    Da Gail, 1969 (Mello)
15. The Sheltons - Yesterday's Laughter
    Lance, 1967 (CanoMan)
16. The Emotions - Show Me How
    Volt, 1972 (East LA Guy)
17. Red Top & The Young Family - Barbara
    Tri-City, 1970 (BillyMac)
18. Mary Wells - Stop Taking Me For Granted
    20th. Century Fox, 1964 (DustyRose) 
19. Almeta Lattimore - These Memories
    Mainstream, 1975 (Chi-Town)
20. Cristine Kittrell - Ain't Never Seen So Much Rain Before
    King/Federal, 1966 (RossyBoy)
21. Ferguson, Davis & Lee - Must Be Going Out Of My Head
    GRT, 1972 (Mello)

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  1. Thanks to you all for another great comp.

    1. You're very welcome & thanks for your comment Eric.

  2. gracias por este volumen para estab gran coleccion

  3. Ciao,
    Once more a brilliant compilation.
    Greetz from Belgium.

    Amichevole ,

  4. Gracias to all the collaborators on this comp. Alwayz look forward to this. & Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers too

  5. As usual the covers looks great , the collection fantastic, and the music even better. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for another great collection

  7. it's been quite some time since i've been on here. i'm grateful that ya'll are still active and sharing these gems! listening now, the invaders "o lord" is my favorite so far!

  8. Gracias so much... Saludos de Cd. Juarez MX.