Monday, May 23, 2016

Familia Souldiez Vol 40 - Love Triangle

I'm on production duty for this month's volume in this long-running series. Most of the regular krew were well-behaved and came through in good time with some outstanding picks. That is, except for the G MAN, who has gone Missing In Action (probably getting TOO MUCH action !); so I had to cover the cover !! To my (albeit prejudiced) ears, this one is right up there with the best that this sweet series has had to offer; and I have to admit that the standard has been consistently pretty high. I hope you all agree. Thanks to the tight team for their efforts once again. Let us know how we are doing - there are many hundreds of downloads but very little feedback. Enjoy ! RossyBoy

Track list:
01 - The Fabulous Serenades - There Can Be Better Days (EastLAGuy)
B-Glo, 1977
02 - Los Sunglows De Dimas Garza  - Make It With You (UpNSmoke)
Vengan A Bailar" album, Siesta, 196?
03 - Tamiko Jones - Ooh Baby, Baby (RossyBoy)
Atlantis, 1978
04 - The Floaters - I Am So Glad I Took My Time (DustyRose)
Fee/ABC, 1977
05 - Dolores Van Heusen - No Part Time Lover (Chi-Town)
"Do Ya Like Rare Soul Girls - 24 Lost Femme Soul Classics" CD , Lost Soul, 1996
06 - Veda - You Can Love Again (CanoMan)
M/W, 1978
07 - The Sweet - Don't Do It (BillyMac)
Smash, 1967
08 - The Turn Arounds - Stay Away  (Mello)
prev. unissued, 1966, Deep Soul (UK), 2016
09 - The Independents - Leaving Me (EastLAGuy)
Wand, 1973
10 - Connie Questell - Tell Me What To Do (UpNSmoke)
Decca, 1966
11 - Alfrieda Upshaw - I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (RossyBoy)
"3rd Family Of Southern Soul Vol 3: The Blues Side" CD, Hep Me, 2006
12 - The Equations Of Eternity - You Make Me Feel Good (DustyRose)
Spring, 1971
13 - Jerry Townes - Three Sides To A Triangle (Chi-Town)
"Eccentric Soul - The Nickel & Penny Labels " album, Numero, 2012
14 - The Four Mints - They Were Wrong (CanoMan)
Capsoul, 1971
15 - Chappells - You're Acting Kind of Strange (BillyMac)
Bedford, 1966
16 - San Francisco TKOs - Make Up Your Mind (Mello)
Golden State, 19??
17 - The Decisions - You Look Like An Angel (EastLAGuy)
Sussex, 1971
18 - Bill Brantley - A Little Bit More (UpNSmoke) 
Sound Stage 7, 1977
19 - Mamie Galore - You Wore Your Lie So Well (RossyBoy)
Imperial, 1967
20 - The Presidents - Triangle Of Love (Hey Diddle Diddle) (DustyRose)
Sussex, 1971
21 - DC Blossoms - This Is Your Last Chance (Chi-Town)
prev. unreleased, 1966, "Shrine - The Rarest Soul Label Vol 2" CD, Kent (UK), 2002
22 - The Hollywood Attractions - The Name Of The Game (CanoMan)
Sugar Shack, 19??
23 - The Lovelles - Pretending Dear (BillyMac)
Atco, 1969
24 - The Attractions - You Don't Know Boy? (Mello)
June Bug, 1969

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  1. BIG UPs to all that put an effort into these comps. Another great drop, Your work is well appreciated

  2. Hello my friends,
    Once more this is an outstanding compilation.
    Grazie mille !!!
    Greetz from rainy Belgium.


  3. Thank you great stuff as always

  4. I can't wait to hear this one. Thanks to the whole crew once again for coming together and sharing this beautiful music we all enjoy and love.

  5. "Agree! The best crew to roll out with rare sweet and true rare soul oldies, Thank You again for the amazing jamz!

  6. I've enjoyed your blog for some time now. Just want to say thank you and all for the hard work.

  7. Thanks for another in this great series!

  8. Thanks for share this fantastic music