Thursday, September 1, 2016

Familia Souldiez Vol 43 - Dream Merchant

We were a small but select band of brothers and a sister for the August edition. It's the silly season and the rest of the familia must have been lazing on a beach somewhere ! But we've tried our best to bring you some musical pleasures for your own holiday listening. We hope these suit your ears ! Thanks to the hard core of devotees who did the digging yet again, and, of course, to the G Man for his tunes and another great cover !  Enjoy !  RossyBoy

Track list:
01 - Carrie Riley & The Fascinations - Living In A Lonesome House Without You (BillyMac)
Music City, 1975?
02 - Rick Thompson - We All Make Mistakes Sometimes (CanoMan)
Columbia, 1969
03 - The Modulations - What Good Am I (DustyRose)
Buddah, 1973
04 - The Temptations - Dream Come True (Chi-Town)
Gordy, 1962
05 - Alton Ellis - Baby Baby (RossyBoy)
"Here I Am" album, Angella (UK), 1988
06 - The New Concepts - Give Me Another Chance (G MAN)
Philips, 1968
07 - Clifford Binns - Take It From Me (BillyMac)
Carrie, 1965
08 - Willie & The Dots - So Much On My Mind (CanoMan)
Jox, 1965
09 - Tut Sutton - I Can Feel The Tears (DustyRose)
U.S.A., 1966
10 - The Don Juans - Girl Of My Dreams (Chi-Town)
Onezy, 1959
11 - Hal Davis - Merchant Of Love (RossyBoy)
Wizard, 1960/Vee Jay, 1961
12 - The Domestic Five - It's An Empty World (G MAN)
Aquarius, ????
13 - The Suspects - That's How I Feel (BillyMac)
Windy City, 1975
14 - Royal Chessmen - Begging You (CanoMan)
Custom Fidelity, 1969
15 - The Moments - I Could Have Loved You (DustyRose)
Stang, 1978
16 -The Dells - I Touched A Dream (Chi-Town)
20th Century-Fox, 1980
17 - The Isley Brothers - Make It Easy On Yourself (RossyBoy)
Prev. unreleased. "Shout And Twist with Rudolph, Ronald & O'Kelly" CD, Ace (UK), 1990
18 - Oliver Christian - Dissatisfied Man (G MAN)
Legrand, ????

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  1. Ciao my friends,
    Grazie mille for this impecable compilation.
    Greetz from Belgium.


  2. As usual another great comp, great contributions, great sounds and great everything. Leave a comment, I know I will. I want to make sure the music continues. Finally, Gracias!! Thank you.

  3. como siempre, a fantastic compilation. Thanks for share

  4. Discogs lists It's An Empty World by the Domestic Five as being released in 1973.
    The Isley Brothers are credited in the book Burt Bacharach, Song by Song as recording Make It Easy On Yourself in 1962.
    And Oliver Christian - Dissatisfied Man is credited as being copyrighted May 1, 1974.
    Hope this helps fools like me who care about this stuff.

    1. .... and I thought I was The Anorak ... LOL !!! Gracias, Johnny !