Friday, September 9, 2016

Clumsy's Oldies Vol. 10

The Big Homie CLUMSY has stopped by to treat the listeners to a limited time free download of his latest volume of oldies. This baby will be available for a very short time. After that it can be purchased online at:

Big thanks to Clumsy for this dynamite share!


1. Apple And The Three Oranges ~ I'll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come) [Now-Again Records] (2013) 
2. The Exciters ~ Make It With You [Loyola Records] 
3. Soul Chargers ~ My Heart Beats For You [American Records] 
4. Syl Johnson ~ Everybody Needs Love (1971) Twinight Records 
5. Experience Unlimited ~ You Got To Tell me (How To Love You) [Gaynote Records] 
6. The Invaders ~ O Lord [Da Gail Records]
7. Pat Stallworth ~  Questions (Part 1) Fly-By-Nite Records (1974) 
8. Rumer & Daryl Hall ~ BeThankful For What You Got [Unissued] (2012)
9. Gwen McCrae ~ Let Nature Take it's Course [Cat Records] (1976) 
10. Chaz ~ I Want To Talk To You [Zanzibar Records & Tapes] (1982) 
11. Eddie Finley & The Cincinatti Show Band ~ Treat Me Right Or leave Me Alone (1970) Rapturea Records 
12. Leon Sims & His Soul Sex ~ How Can You Hold On To A Dream [LRS Records] 
13. Monophonics ~ Deception [Ubiquity] (2012) 
14. The Visitors ~ My Love Is Ready And Waiting [Tangerine Records] (1970) 
15. Peace, Justice & Equality ~ I Done You Wrong (1976) Stone Gold Records 
16. The Deceptions ~ Of All the Hearts [Brooks Records] (1972) 
17. The Dudes ~ Why Then (1973) Buddah Records
18. The Inclinations ~ I'm Gonna Make Love Last This Time (1972) Janus Records 
19. The Venturas ~ When We First Met (1968) Daniels Records
20. Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr ~ You Can't Blame Me (1971) Capsoul Records
21. Sapo ~ Can't Make It (Bell Records) (1974) 
22. Prince ~ La, La, La Means I Love U (1996) (NPG Records)
23. Conj. Musical De Tamaulipas ~ No Se Comos Piensas Tu (The One Who's Hurting Is You) [Capri Records]


  1. Orlae clumsy Gracias for sharing this weekend drop well appreciated all the other Vols. are kick ass gracias

  2. Thanks Clumsy, look too good and the cover great looks. Gracias.

  3. Ciao Clumsy,
    This is really a marvelous compilation.
    Greetz from Belgium.


  4. Muchas gracias por compartirnos este volumen

  5. Glad you guys like the Vol. 11 coming up soon too.. lol thats me on the cover G Man made for this...enjoy and be ready for Vol. 11 dropping anyday now... C/S -Clumsy Rockwood Street Locos 213 Area

  6. Also these downloads are highly appreciated by people behind bars and walls doing life...I got alot of my people doing time in California who get access to this music with snuck in cell phones and who get access to computers while taking classes inside...


  8. Gracias for the rolas. Alwayz appreciated.