Thursday, April 28, 2011

Original Cruisers Vol. 1

* Attention: New link updated 02/02/12 *

This Comp Is Dedicated To The People Involved In Southside Souldiez
And The 45 Sounders.................

~Mr. 818 Joker~

1. Where There's A Will There's A Way - Lonni Mack
2. Too Good To Be True - Lon Rogers & The Soul Blenders
3. Sad, Sad Girl & Boy - The Impressions
4. One Last Chance - Richard Dickson
5. I'm In Love - Pretty Boy Lamar
6. It Sure Would Be Nice - Emory & The Dynamics
7. Lonely World - The Royaltones
8. So Many Reasons - James & Bobby Purify
9. I'll Make It Easy (Original 45 Record) - The Incredibles
10. That's All I Want To Do - Lenny Wayne & The Hi Tones
11. Mexican Love Song - The Precisions
12. Heart Full Of Love - The Invincibles
13. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - James Brown
14. You Don't Have To Worry - Doris & Kelley
15. My Pledge - Lonnie & Floyd
16. Have I Sinned - Patti Labelle & The Bluebelles
17. Groove Me With Your Loving - Doris & Kelley
18. One Bad Habit - Little Roman
19. She's Always There - The Premiers
20. Everynight - Chuck & Joe White
21. (You Better) Watch Your Step - Sammy Sevens
22. You Broke My Heart - Richard Dickson
23. Begging You - Ronnie Whitehead

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Cover by G MAN


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Platinum Bombz

Here's a little somethin' somethin' G-Man thought of...of course it's a honor when I'm asked to do a comp with anyone from the krew because I love doing these, Not to mention the rolas I get in return!
Enjoy these treasures of "Platinum Bombz" We hope some of these rolas will blow you away!
Kudos to the G-Man for his awsome cover...
Brought To You By:
G-Man And DustyRose

An extra big thanx 2 the homeboy Danny Tattoo for the additional artwork!
If you're in Cali & need a tattoo holler at Danny here:

01. Kool & Together - His Beginning is My End (G-Man)
1977 - Magic Records
02. The Hollywood Saxons - Loving You (DustyRose)
1964 - Action Pack 111 Label
03. Joyce Hopson - This Time (G-Man)
1968 - Revue (a division of MCA)
04. Ella Wood - I Need Your Love (DustyRose)
no-yr - Merging Records
05. Charles Pryor & The Power Of Love - Remember Me (G-Man)
1972 - Detroit Gold
06. Norfolk - Together (DustyRose)
1980 - Barbara Jean Records
07. Linda Lewis - Not A Little Girl Anymore (G-Man)
1975 - Arista
08. The Exceptionals - What Is Living (DustyRose)
09. Casino Royals - Nobody Loves You (G-Man)
19? ... - Key-Loc
10. Carl Graves - Baby Hang Up The Phone (DustyRose)
1974 - A&M Records
11. Moments - Look What You've Done (G-Man)
1972 - Rhino
12. Smoke - Rainy Nights Put Me In The Mood For Love (DustyRose)
13. Ron Preyer - If You Dont Want My Love (G-Man)
1978 - Shock Records
14. The Emotions - The Touch Of Your Lips (DustyRose)
1970 - Volt
15. Herbs - Put A Hurtin On My Heart (G-Man)
1969 - Smoke
16. The Chequers - You Bring Out The Best In Me (DustyRose)
1975 - Creole Records
17. Aztlan - You Say You Love Me (G-Man)
18. Eugene Smiley&The Essence Of Love - We're Lovers Day And Night (DustyRose)
1978 - K-City
My mouth flew open when I saw this rare record sold for $742.00 after 8 days & 11 bids on e-bay !....

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Tracks courtesy of DustyRose & G MAN
Additonal artwork by Danny Tattoo
Cover by G MAN


Bajito Oldiez Vol. 1

For all the homiez out there that thought they missed volume didn't! But itz here off the presses.....with a clean cover 2 go with it. This bad boy is brought to you once again from The G MAN & MISTER. JOKER 760.

1. Don't Turn Around...Black Ivory
2. I Can't Share You...The Naturals
3. Just to Keep You Satisified...The Monitors
4. How Do You Say Goodbye...Together
5. Do You Remember...The Fabulous Flames
6. Together Again...The Shaddows
7. Oh How You Hurt Me...The Fabulous Performers
8. Most Of The Pretty Young Girls...The Upfronts
9. What Love Has Joined Together...The Temptations
10. Look Over Your Shoulder...The O'Jays
11. One Way To Love...The Lovers
12. This Time Last Summer...Danny Day
13. Are You Ready...Ray Chapells
14. Yesterday Standing By...Richie Merritt
15. I Want To Know...Benny Turner & The Armourettes
16. Please Give Me A Chance...Aalon Butler And The New Breed Band
17. I've Got To Keep On Loving You...Lezlie Valentine
18. I Wanna Tell My Baby...The Precisions
19. You Better Let Him Go...Lou Johnson
20. Baby I Want You...Ralphi Pagan

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Tracks courtesy of MISTER. JOKER 760 & G MAN
Cover by G MAN


Home Grown Chicago Souldiez Vol. 2

Back by popular demand, DustyRose & I, Mello the goodfellow now present the long awaited "Home Grown Souldiez Vol. Two". Your Chicago dusty duo has scoured our home grown archives & again have selected some of the finest Soul and DooWop that ever blew out of the Windy City. (Home Grown means that the artists, labels or recordings are related to Chi-Town.) We've also supplied some 411's (Roses' signature) that many of us have come to enjoy as an addition to her comps. Without further ado, click below to get the turntable spinning! And remember, this is Chicago, so vote early & often! Big thanks to RossyBoy for his work on our cover again and Extra Thanks to Mello for his additional 411 & Intro

01. Chicago - No Tell Lover (DustyRose) 1978 - Columbia, This group was originally "The Chicago Transit Authority".
02. Otis Leavill - Tell The World (Mello) 1975 - Contempo, A U.K. B-side release that was not availabe in the States.
03. Bull & The Matadores - Love Come Down (DustyRose) 1969 - Toddlin' Town, After this "45" failed to sell they faded from the scene.
04. The Classic Sullivans - I Don't Want To Lose You (Mello) 1974 - Kwanza , This promising group was history after three singles.
05. The Age Of Bronze - I'm Gonna Love You (DustyRose) 1974 - Guava
06. The Desires - Black Girl (Mello) 1968 - Starville, Recorded On Chgo's westside.
07. The Sheppards - Tragic (Echo Version) (DustyRose) 1960 - Apex , The Sheppards were named After Bill "Bunky" Sheppard who managed several groups & ran a slew of Chgo.-based labels including "Bunky".
08. The Creations - Oh Baby (Mello) Globe Label, This is the Chgo. group, as there were a few groups with this name.
09. Fascinations - Tears In My Eyes (DustyRose) 1963 - ABC, Their second & last recording for this label before moving on to Curtom.
10. George Jackson - Macking On You (Mello) 1976 - Chess, Along with Louis Williams he was the co-founder of the group the Ovations.
11. The Gems - Dear One (It Was A Night) (DustyRose) 1962 - Chess, These teenage classmates got together in 1959 and began recording in 1962, they were a group backup for chess/checker studios, The late Minnie Riperton was part of this group.
12. The Impressions - That You Love Me (Mello) 1961 - Vee-Jay
13. Holly Maxwell - Never Love Again (DustyRose) 1970 - Smit-Whit, Maxwell occasionally sang background for Barbara Acklin and worked with Ike Turner as Tina Turner's fill-in, Acklin was her manager...
14. The Steelers - The Flame Remains (Mello) Crash - 1966
15. Tyrone Davis - You Can't Keep A Good Man Down (DustyRose) 1970 - Dakar
16. The Notations - It Only Hurts For A Little While (Mello) 1974 - Gemigo
17. Andrea Davis - Lonely Girl (DustyRose) 1966 - Chess, Born Minnie Julia Riperton, she was still just in her mid-teens when she signed a recording contract with the girl group the Gems. Minnie died in 1979 in Los Angeles.
18. The Classic Sullivans - We Can Make It (Mello) 1971 - MasterKey, This was their debut recording on this obscure label.
19. Monique - Never Let Me Go (DustyRose) Released on Maurice Jackson's tiny Chgo. label from the 60's.
20. Gerald Sims - Little Echo (Mello) 1964 - Okeh, A multi talented gent that's a key figure in Chgo's soul history.
21. The Lintons - Lost Love (DustyRose) Erica Label
22. The Impressions - Minstrel & Queen (Mello) 1962 - ABC
23. Dells - Tell The World (DustyRose) 1955 - Vee-Jay, AKA The El-Rays
24. Magnum Force - Your Lady's Just A Dream (Mello) 1982 - Kelli-Arts, Having formed in Chgo. they recorded this here at Universal Studios.

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Cover by RossyBoy


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bajito Oldiez Vol. 2

Back on the attack with my long lost TVD brother........MISTER JOKER 760......bringing you the latest and greatest that we've got to give!


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Tracks courtesy of MISTER JOKER 760 & G MAN
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T.J. Doo Wops Vol. 3

*Attention: New link updated 2/12/13*

More from the Kingz of Doo Wop.......Mr. 818 Joker & Mr. Bizuet!

1. I Want A Woman - Nathaniel Mayer & the Fabulous Twilights
2. I Want Your Love - The Delongs
3. Maybe - Bobby Pedrick
4. You Hurt Me - Earl Lewis & The Channels
5. I'll Show You How To Love Me - Cannibal & The Headhunters
6. Deep In My Heart - The Shells
7. I Might Like It - Ed Townsend
8. Valerie - Jackie & The Starlites
9. Let Me Know - The Miller Brothers
10. Darling It's True (Version 2) - Paul Buff
11. Too Late - Rene & Ray
12. Don Juan - Starr Brothers (The Ideals)
13. Tanya - The Downbeats
14. Bells Of Love - Terry & The Velveteens
15. Tonight - The Carlos Brothers
16. Let Me Love You - The Masters & Chester Martin
17. Three Little Words - The Edsels
18. For Your Precious Love - Vernon Green & The Medallions
19. Very Truly Yours - The Evergreens
20. What Brought Us Together - The Edsels
21. Your Baby's Back - The Downbeats
22. Your Picture - Buzzy King

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

T.J. Doo Wops Vol. 2

*Attention: New link updated 02/12/13*

More Doo Wop from the T.J. Side courtesy of Mr. 818 Joker & Mr. Bizuet.

1. Masked Grandma - The Paul Studio Band
2. Jo Jo - Art Wheeler
3. Girl Of My Dreams - The Majestics
4. Please Mr. Disc Jockey - The Miller Sisters
5. Forever In Love - Herman Willis
6. Don't Blame Me - The Everly Brothers
7. Look In My Eyes - The Three Degrees
8. Tijuana - Hollywood Persuaders
9. Your Tender Lips - The Catalinas
10. Cathy My Angel - The Pauls
11. Moonrise - Rene Harris & The Terrans
12. Love Of My Life - Ron Roman
13. You Mean So Much To Me - Hannah Lee
14. Once Upon A Time - Marv Johnson
15. You've Broken My Heart - Terry & The Velveteens
16. Cradle Rock - The Heartbreakers
17. Everyday's A Holiday - Hollywood Saxons
18. Lonely Nights - The Hearts
19. My Last Dance With You - Nathaniel Mayer & The Fabulous Twilights
20. Everytime - Ty Hunter & The Voicemasters
21. Yes It's True - The Tuxedos
22. Stormy Weather - Mark Dineri

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DustyRose's Fairy Tales Vol. 8

Here goes another one of them Fairy Tale Stories!
I hope I can turn some of you on to some new Rolas that I know we all appreciate!
All I ask is, listen when you have the time, come back and let me know how I did this time around...I present Fairy Tales Vol. 8, Gracias and Enjoy !

Big Thanks to my cover boy Rossy for his talent on dressing up my Fairy's!

Here is some background on some of these tracks and as always corrections are welcomed!

01. The Cinderellas - Fairy Tale
1965 - Mercury
02. Mayer Hawthorne - I Wish It Would Rain
2009 - Stones Throw
Here is a guy I never heard of before, not until my big bro turned me on to him weekends ago...Love this blue eye soul song that hit the ears very quick!!
03. 100% Pure Poison - My Little Someone
1974 - Soul Brother Records
04. Jay Wiggins - Forgive Then Forget
2 labels, JW 1015 / IPG 1015 (1963) H'es aka Majeed, This fine ballad may just be the best side he ever recorded. The horns blaze away adding power and weight to Jay's lovely baritone vocal. Wiggins is best known for his biggest seller "Sad Girl" from 1963.
there's indication why his musical career came to such an abrupt halt - he was imprisoned for refusing the draft for Vietnam.
05. Bunny Sigler - Ooh Baby Baby
2005 - Soul Renaissance Records, Born Walter "Bunny" Sigler from Philadelphia, Pa, who has done extensive work with the team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff,[and who was instrumental in creating the "Philly Sound" in the early 1970s. H'es nicknamed "Mr. Emotion."
06. The Dynamic Concepts - Here I Sit Alone
1960's - Ken-Del
07. Guy Allen - Changes
08. The Chosen Few - Baby
There are at least 5 different groups calling themselves The Chosen Few. 1 reggae, 1 punk from Australia, 1 psychedelic from the 60s another, metal and finally a hardcore (electronic music, not metal) act. There’s also a 60’s soul group called the Chosen Few (not be confused with the reggae band of the same name) I dunno which group this is.....does it sound reggae?
09. The Hearts - All My Love Belongs To You

1955 - Baton, These 5 High schoolers were originally assembled by Bronx, NY . They recorded under a variety of aliases including not only the Hearts but also the Poppies, the Z-Debs and, most famously, the Jaynetts, to whom the 1963 classic "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" was credited.
10. Heaven & Earth - Let Me Back In
1976 - G E C
A vocal quartet that originally went by the name the Soul Majestics, though this Chicago-based quartet didn't shake up the charts with their releases, their recordings were absolute quality.
11. Leaders - Nobody Loves Me
1956 - Glory, From Newport News, Virginia
12. Buck & Sixteenth Movement - Trust Me This Night

1973 - Supreme Records
13. Ron Colbert - Just One Kiss Away
no info on this 45
14. Unique - Here We Go Again
1970 - Col-La-Soul Records
15. Heartbeats - I Won't Be The Fool Anymore
1957 - Rama, formed in Queens, New York, James Sheppard was lead in this group but fell asleep at the microphone one night in Philadelphia & the rest of the band were allegedly none too impressed, he went back to his regular employment, later their erstwhile lead put together Shep And The Limelites, Sheppard was found dead in January 1970 after being shot and robbed. The four surviving members of the Heartbeats reunited in December 2003 to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
16. Leona Buckles - I'm Waiting (To Give You My Love)
1965 - Watch, From New Orleans
17. Presidents - The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven
1971 - Sussex Label, This Group was produced by Van McCoy...
Based in Washington D.C., the trio decided to call themselves The Presidents after their hometown. They later changed their name to Anacostia
18. The Originals - I'm Your Man
1981 - Fantasy records, While spending most of their existence in the shadow of Motown's biggest acts, the Originals had a brief shining moment and a couple now-classic songs that will forever secure their place in Soul Music history and whose legacy as stars doesn't match that of other male groups, the Originals discography is a pretty good size.
19. Candye Kane - Forgive Me
2001 - Swango, Candye was raised in Los Angeles where, at 17, she fell pregnant. To help support her son, she vigorously started modelling and stripping as soon as she turned 18, appearing in over 150 magazines from 1983 to 1985. She also sang in a punk band which didn’t quite yield what she wanted and she was dropped by her label. Consequently she discovered the blues which she is now more famous for than her porn and is a massive icon in the blues world. She made a brief comeback to porn in ’98 but Candye Kane had evidently found her niché in music and quit again soon after....this woman can really sing!
20. Dorells - Maybe Baby
1963 - Gel, This is a version of BillyMacs Unknown Motown Acetate (Maybe Baby) on his and RB's Crossing The Bridge Comp....Till this day it remains still unknown!
21. Ty Hunter - I Don't See Me In Your Eyes No More
1972 - Invictus, from Detroit, MI, Tyrone Hunter cut his teeth alongside Lamont Dozier in the Romeos before joining The Voicemasters and later the Moments .. He also worked with Dozier as lead singer with Glass House on Invictus single that was a new take on a Brotherly Love B-side
22. Cadillacs - Heart Is So Blind
1959 - Josie
23. Perry & Sanlin - Just To Make You Happy
1980 - Capital, Two former members of The Montclairs
This full length version is only available on the LP
In 1975 The Montclairs disbanded and in
1980 Phil Perry teamed with Richard Sanlin in a duo
24. Marvin Sease - Tonight Is The Night
1996 - Jive
25. Younger Dayz - Heaven Sent
1993 - Babs Label, From NJ
The beautiful amazing voice of Eadie Fuentes singing lead

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Cover by RossyBoy


Saturday, April 16, 2011

T.J. Doo Wops Vol. 1

* Attention: New link updated 02/12/13 *

This Comp Is Brought To You By The Two Homies
(Mr Bizuet & Mr 818 Joker)......
We Bring The Kind
Of Doo Wops The Vatos In TJ Listen To......
So Kick Back
And Enjoy.....

1. We Belong Together - Janie Moss & The Epics
2. The Bells - The Extremes
3. Falling Tears - The Jive Five
4. Cross My Heart - Dean & Gene
5. I'm The One - Marie & The Decoys
6. I Need Your Love - The Enchanters
7. Once Upon A Time - Robert & Bobby
8. Midnight Love - The Downbeats
9. I Need Your Love Tonight - The Kittens
10. I'm Lost - Don & Bob
11. You Did Me Wrong - The Downbeats
12. Born Again - George Smith
13. When You Kiss Me - The Upfronts
14. Girl Of My Dreams - Robert & Bobby
15. Falling For You - The Caravelles
16. Repeat After Me - The Delvets
17. True By You - The Tic Tocs
18. This Is My Story - Javier Batiz
19. You Lied - The Electras
20. Rumors - The Brightones

Post by MR. 818 JOKER
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Tracks courtesy of MR. BIZUET & MR. 818 JOKER
Cover by G MAN

Monday, April 11, 2011

Angel Eyez

* New link updated 01/24/12 *

We can always trust the master organizer, G, to come up with the great ideas. This time it was for the inkmeister Danny Tattoo to step away from his inky arte for a few moments to drop us some of his favorite cuts! And then G and I would wrap our own little offerings around Danny's trax to bring you a sweet rola sandwich. G of course had already supplied the wrapper with his usual high-quality cover; and his great title, "Angel Eyez", has a much better ring than "Subway" too! Hope our collaboration keeps the hunger pangs at bay for you soul food junkies! Thanks to Danny especially for taking the time to help us out.....


If you're in Cali & need a tattoo holler at Danny here:

Track list:
01 - Dauphin Williams - I Love You (G MAN)
02 - Masters Of Soul - Please Wait For Me (My Darling) (Danny Tattoo)
03 - Jimmie Raye - Look At Me Girl (Crying) (RossyBoy)
04 - Jimmy Gilford - I Wanna Be Your Baby (G MAN)
05 - Tyrone Ashley - Let Me Be Your Man (Danny Tattoo)
06 - Nathan Rafael - Close To You (RossyBoy)
07 - Maureen Gray - Crazy Over You (G MAN)
08 - Velma Perkins - I'll Always Love You (Danny Tattoo)
09 - Sugar Pie DeSanto - Ask Me (RossyBoy)
10 - Anna Raye - Will You Be There (G MAN)
11 - Kool Blues - I Want To Be Ready (Danny Tattoo)
12 - Ruby Winters - Wishing (RossyBoy)
13 - Carl Carlton - Why Don't They Leave Us Alone (G MAN)
14 - Jack & The Mods - One Is Enough For One (Danny Tattoo)
15 - Tonettes - Stolen Angel (RossyBoy)
16 - Arabians - You Upset Me Baby (G MAN)
17 - Them Two - Am I A Good Man (Danny Tattoo)
18 - Jackie Edwards - Angel Of My Eyes (RossyBoy)

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Tracks courtesy of Danny Tattoo, RossyBoy & G MAN
Cover by G MAN

Download here:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crystal Street Soul

Another dose of love comin' your way courtesy of The Gangster of Soul and yourz truly!

1. CREATION OF LOVE... Calvin & The Catamounts
2. LOVING YOU (IS HURTING ME)...Fantastic Four
4. Love Ain't Love (Till You Give It To Somebody)...Courtship
5. DIAMONDS AND PEARLS...Dobby Dobson & The Deltas
6. I'VE GOT TO HAVE HER...Emperors
8. LOOK AT ME...Dave Hall
9. WHAT ABOUT ME...Myrna Hague
10. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE...Georgie Wilson
11. I'VE GOT EVERYTHNG...Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents
12. I'M NOT A PLAYTHING...Marv Johnson
13. I WANT MY BABY BACK...Tyrone Ashley
14. LET ME COME BACK...Walter Jackson
15. THERE'LL COMA A TIME...Balance
16. HEY BABY (BE MINE)...Inversions
17. ONE MORE HOUR...Exit
18. HEARTBREAKER...Jimmy Gilford

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Cover by G MAN


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aces Of Soul Vol. 2

*Attention: link available and working*

Back on the attack with my partner in crime......The Sac Town Playa P-STYLZE....bringing you our newest creation, the latest sensation , our most firme presentation!

1. WILL SHE RETURN...Versatones
2. I DO LOVE YOU...Bobby Thurston
3. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS...The Young Disciples Co.
5. THANKS TO YOU...Ben Aiken
6. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF...Loleatta Holloway
8. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE...Ex Saveyons
9. STOP...Five Keys
10. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE...Double Exposure
11. WHERE IS MY BABY...Jimmy Lewis
12. CONGRATULATIONS...Gene Anderson
14. SELFISH ONE...Anita Raye & Pages Of Her Diary
15. OUR ALIBI...Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents
17. USE YOUR HEAD...Mary Wells

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Cover by G MAN


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aztlan Dreamz Vol. 4

Attention: Link has been corrected and is now available for download!

Que Pasa Familia,

Here's another killer set from the Sac Town Homie P-STYLZE. A low-rider special just in time for the warm weather headed our way. This one is dedicated to all the California Capital homiez!

01.The Carltons - Keep On Hoping
02.The Otisettes - Sitting Alone in My Lonely Room
03.Smokey Brooks - Eternal
04.Billy McGregor - It's My Turn Now
05.Tommy Turner - I'll Be Gone
06.Vee Gees - It's So Hard To Say So long
07.Vanguards - It's Too Late For Love
08.Jan Bradley - It's Just Your Way
09.Clarence Glover - Keep Your Promises
10.Young Sirs - There's Something The Matter with your Heart
11.The Young Sisters - My guy
12.Sweet - Don't Do It
13.Young Ladies - He's Gone To Another
14.Candi Bars - You're The One
15.Sharon Clark & The Prodyct Of Time - I'm Not Afraid Of Love
16.Little Hank - Try To Understand
17.Al Christian - I'm A Lonely Man
18.Phase VI - What You See In Me
19.Orthea Barnes - Waiting For Joey
20.Harlem Meat Co. - I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool
21.main Attraction - Keep on Walking

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Cover by P-STYLZE