Thursday, December 22, 2011

Deep Soul Sound

*Attention: New link updated 02/14/12*

- Jokers Wild is back on the attack -
- Striking the lame like a Diamondback -
- Running over the weak like a fullback -
- A one man wolf pack -
- Shooting U the rolas like a pro quarterback -
- So grab this baby like $100 greenback -
- And then U know the routine....leave some feedback - 

1. If It Takes A Year - The Soul Twisters
2. The Devil Gives Me Everything - Willi West & The High Society Brothers
3. Little More Understanding (A Little More Love) - Johnny & Dolores
4. It's So Hard Sometimes - Lil Tiger
5. The Love I Need - Ruby Andrews
6. Don't Forget About Me Baby - Jeff Dale
7. If Those Who Hate Would Love - Carl Henderson
8. Soul Love - Genuineness Blend
9. Don't Trade Love For Money - Jackie Russell
10. I Love You - Cozy Corley
11. Why Am I Crying - Daneal Derris
12. What Time Is It - The Four Havens
13. Crying For Your Love - Moovin', Soothin' And Stone Funk Band
14. Let Me Go - The Harmonics
15. One Kindness Deserves Another - The Significants
16. I Don't Mind - James Brown
17. What Am I Living For - Danny & The Velmars
18. Yes Indeed - Jean & Joe
19. My Heart Is Yours - Willie Johnson
20. Can You Keep A Secret - Clyde Dean
21. Always In Love - Joe Graves
22. Harlem On My Mind - Underground Railroad
23. Just Because - Baby Ray
24. A Place Called Love - Slim Smith & The Techniques
25. You Could Have Kissed Me Goodbye - Lil' Nelson
26. You Hurt Me - Darnell Pittman
27. Wonderful Dream (Don't Wake Me Up) - George Jackson

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of G MAN
Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Album cover by G MAN



  1. The deeper the better - except for snow that is ! So, many thanks to the Joker for this Xmas treat - looks like a very interesting set of picks there, Joker. As for G, gonna start calling him Rhymin' Simon from now on .....

  2. Some more heat....Damn

    ~ T. Smith ~

  3. WOW ! A dozen new ones for me here, Joker. A great compilation - right up my street. Congratulations, my brother ! ( And G's sister's looking good too ! )

  4. Hi Joker, Thanks for the killer tracks, Very nice!! G, very impressive cover as always!!

  5. THANKS JokersWild and G Man!!!!!!! Starting Christmas early with these string of comps, DOPE!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!! :)

  6. Absolutely blinding!
    Fantastic compilation of proper soul.
    Wishing all the Southside Souldiez crew a Merry Christmas.
    Irish Mash

  7. thnx homie for the classic roulas nice selection as always come on people start commenting more it takes less than a minute

  8. orale JOKER...

    gracias for this set, got me 4 new rolas for the collection. That SIGNIFICANTS rola sounds so familiar that I thought I had that tune...that rola is a killer.

  9. You keep educating me, with these awesome comps. many great deep soul cuts here, thanks!..

    ...wishing you a peaceful,soulful and joyous 2012! Peace!

  10. Those first two tracks are especially good. Thanks for the music!

  11. Damn, the Lil Tiger track is a good jam!


    Gonzo in L.A.

  12. G MAN/JOKERS WILD, please re-up this comp,also the three megaupload comps. following this one. Haven't been on the site for awile so I missed them. Thanks.
    Nuff respect!

  13. Awesome series, JW! I can't get enough.